The Division 2: Ubisoft shows the new mode The Summit

Period of great announcements by Ubisoft. The French software house, after notifying that the next September 10th a new appointment will be held with her Forward, an online event in which the latest news on the company's products will be shown, announced the arrival of a new PvE game mode (aka plaver versus environment) within Tom Clancy's: The Division 2, called The Summit. Such a gaming experience will be very similar to the one named Underground and present in the first chapter of the series. On that occasion, players were asked to explore tunnels (generated in random way from the game) present in the depths of Manhattan, facing enemies managed by the AI ​​and overcoming obstacles of various kinds. The lack of such a mode had made The Division 2 players turn up their noses but apparently Ubisoft has finally decided to please them.

As shown in the course of one State of The Game posted on Ubisoft's official Youtube channel, in The Summit, players will have to climb a hundred-story skyscraper, advancing one at a time and facing enemies belonging to the various factions of the game, while trying to complete the randomly assigned missions from the game. There will also be gods final boxwoods in the various floors and as we advance the difficulty will also increase. Fortunately, once a level is finished we will be able to restart from that point in case we decide that we no longer want to play at that moment. As also happened on the first chapter, this PvE mode will be tackled in single mode or even in cooperation with up to three other players. The Summit will be available for free to anyone with the DLC Warlords of New York and will come with the Title Update 11, whose release date is unfortunately not yet known. We remind you that The Division 2 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One e PC.


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