The Division 2 - Help Request Guide

The Division 2 is finally available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (here our review). Chaos reigns on the streets of Washington but, Agents, know that you are not alone! The title offers the ability to send (and receive) requests for help from other players, should the need arise!

How to ask for help

In case of difficulty, open the game map and press the button assigned to send the request for help (which obviously varies according to the platform you use). The distress request will be sent immediately to all players present in the same game session (for a maximum of 4 players). In any case, even if there are no human players nearby, AI-managed soldiers will come to your aid (better than nothing!).

How to respond to a distress call

At any time, in The Division 2, you may be notified of a request for help, sent by a human player present in the same online instance generated when you enter the game. This can be accessed both during any mission and during a quiet exploration phase of the game world. An orange ray will start from the sky until it "crashes" on the head of your soldier (impossible not to notice). At that point, press the button indicated on the right side of the screen to accept the request for help and be teleported next to the person who requested assistance.

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