The Division 2 - Guide to the Keys of Hyenas, Forsaken and True Sons

The Division 2 has finally debuted on PC and Console (PlayStation 4, Xbox One) and, as we also explain in our review, one of the cornerstones of the gameplay lies in hunting for new weapons, new equipment and new materials. So let's see how to locate the Keys of the Hyenas, Forsaken and True Sons, to open the related ones coffers!

Each faction hides their chests at random points, but there is a sort of "common pattern" that can be followed, to facilitate its finding: first of all, remember that all these chests are always placed in underground areas. So, whenever you happen to come across an entrance towards them, don't hesitate and run to explore the area.

Keys are always placed inside cabinets installed on walls, at a man's height. By opening the locker, you will get the key corresponding to the territory to which the factions belong (to immediately understand which type of key you have collected, immediately look at the bottom left of the screen).


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