The Division 2 - Guide to level up quickly

The Division 2, finally available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, offers an articulated progression system and, perhaps, a complex hair (especially for those who are not familiar with the “looter shooter” genre). We give you some tips to quickly accumulate many experience points to reach the fateful Level 30!

Complete missions and events

This is obviously the "classic" method, the simplest. But you didn't just focus on the main ones, but also on the secondary ones. Any activity earns experience points, but missions are the best way, especially in the early stages, to quickly level up. The events, then, which appear randomly on the map, are a great way to accumulate "extra" points between missions.

Take down every enemy

If you want to quickly level up you have to pray that there is an enemy to kill at every corner! Each kill grants experience points, and the latter increase based on the level of the downed opponent. Be war machines, then!

Unlock perks dedicated to experience points!

In The Division 2 there are some perks dedicated exclusively to experience points. These are real multipliers that will allow you to collect the maximum amount of experience points possible. Being able to open fire on the enemy will also help you a lot, considering that kills with headshots are worth more points than a magazine unloaded in the belly of an enemy soldier can assure you.

Watch out for collectibles!

What's more, Ubisoft has filled The Division 2 game world with collectibles. Collecting them will ensure a good dose of additional experience points. The items are of no use, of course, but they will take you one step closer to the coveted Level 30!

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The Division 2: Raids will not be available at launch ❯
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