The Division 2 - Guide to all skills

Who played the previous version of The Division 2 is aware of the difficulties that there have been during the adventure. The developers have thus decided to increase the defensive skills, some already known, others brand new and in this guide we will see the details of the 8 categories and how they are composed.

Chem Launcher, is a kind of grenade launcher that fires useful or harmful substances:

• Firestarter, spreads a flammable gas over a large area that can be triggered by enemy or allied weapons.
• Riot Foam, disperses a sticky chemical in a specific area, locking enemies in the foam for a specified amount of time.
• Oxidizer, disperses a corrosive chemical that damages enemy armor and mechanical objects.
• Reinforcer, disperses a cloud of repair chemicals that restores the armor a little at a time.

Drone, offers the ability to gather intelligence, offensive attacks, defensive countermeasures and even restore armor:

• Striker, includes an onboard turret that fires at specific targets.
• Defender, provides cover for allies in a certain area, but is unable to protect itself.
• Tactician, transmits information regarding enemy positions in the area.
• Bombardier, can be dispatched during a bombardment, and will drop a barrage of ordnance between two fixed points.
• Fixer, can fly close to the player or allies and restore armor.

Firefly, send a drone with several special abilities that weaken or deactivate enemy units:

• Blinder, works similar to a traditional grenade, temporarily blinds and disorients enemies.
• Demolisher, destroys the enemy's weak points and environmental objects scattered throughout the city.
• Burster, sends explosive charges on enemies that explode when two or more opponents are close.

Hive, dispatch a bunch of tiny drones to deliver more area-focused attacks and effects:

• Stinger, send a swarm of drones that attack enemies within range.
• Restorer, is able to repair allied armor.
• Boosters, seek allies and administer stimulants to increase combat efficiency by increasing the combatant's weapon handling, movement and other physical abilities.
• Reviver, can revive any squadmate, and can be charged to provide increased health and armor upon awakening the ally.

Pulse is used to get more information about the battlefield and view details such as the position of the opponents:

• Scanner, sends pulses to the area around the fighter, highlighting enemies and other targets on the HUD.
• Remote Sensor, fighters can scan areas beyond their immediate vicinity.
• Jammer, overloads and disables the opponent's electronics in the area.

Seeker Mine, offers a way to track down enemies or allies in order to deliver a payload or damage:

• Explosive, look for specific targets or groups of enemies.
• Airburst, launches its payload upward.
• Mender, seeks out allied targets and releases a chemical cloud with reparative properties. Mender is available for the Survivalist specialization.
• Cluster, send a group of smaller explosive drones to hostile targets, each capable of tracking down individual enemies.

Shield, the shield offers a defense option that can protect players or allies from damage:

• Ballistic Bulwark, offers considerably greater defense against incoming damage, but excludes the use of weapons other than secondary weapons.
• Remoter Sensor, covers only the fighter's trunk, but allows the use of most weapons.
• Deflector, reflects bullets fired at you towards nearby targets. This shield does not cover the entire body, nor does it allow the use of weapons other than secondary weapons.

Turrett, turrets allow you to fire on an area or take down enemies using the environment.

• Assault, is the basic assault turret that tracks enemies in the area and can be directed at specific targets.
• Incinerator, flamethrower turret with a short range, effective in narrow alleys and corridors.
• Artillery, works similar to a mortar, bombard predefined areas with explosive shells. It belongs to the Demolitionist specialization.
• Sniper, long range semi-automatic turret with high damage and low rate of fire. Goals must be defined manually.

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