The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, the trailer confirms the launch window

After The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, of which you can find our review at the following link, Supermassive Games immediately got to work on the next work of her horror anthology in development, let's talk about The Dark Pictures: Little Hope. As has been rumored for some time, we now officially know that the work will arrive this summer, just like it did for the last chapter. In addition, an official video trailer showing the themes and some characters of the work has been published on the youtube channel of Bandai Namco, you can find it on the cover of the article.

In the short film it is possible to see the town Little hope and its "infestation" by witches, where citizens used to unjustly report innocent people by accusing them of the crime of witchcraft. Also this time there will be a group to visit the place, which can probably be controlled as per routine by several players in turn, who through their choices will try to survive in the horror setting and already at first sight extremely dangerous, shaping it time the plot.

The video also confirms that The Dark Pictures: Little Hope will be fully localized in our country, with a dubbing already apparently of extreme quality, which sees the already known narrator introduce us to the new chapter of the anthology.

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