The Crown: Season 4 will arrive later than expected

The producers of The Crown, the TV series based on the life of Queen Elizabeth II of England, they had promised you fans that the new season would not suffer no delay because of Covid-19. According to what was previously said, in fact, the filming for the fourth season was already finished at the time of lockdown. But, as announced today, the wait will be longer than expected. In fact, it would seem that the new season it won't come soon, but will suffer a delay comparable to that elapsed between previous seasons.

With regard to the fifth season however, filming will not begin before 2021, so it will be impossible to see it on the small screen before 2022. The only positive news announced by the director some time ago was the decision to return to the initial idea of ​​creating six seasons, And not five as was later decided.

The Crown born in 2016 like Netflix original. Over the seasons, the life of Elisabetta II starting from the 40s. In this fourth season, the protagonist will be played again by Olivia Colman (after he replaced the Queen of Claire Foy of the first two seasons) but it has already been announced that for the last two two season the role was assigned to Imelda Stauton.

We just have to wait to find out all the news about this, and other upcoming titles. We, as usual, will not fail to update you constantly.

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