The Complex: the new interactive film from Wales Interactive is shown with a trailer

Wales Interactive, publisher of live-action video games such as Late shift, has recently announced its new interactive film entitled "The Complex". The project was described by the Welsh software house as "the first live science fiction film", which tells the story of the aftermath of a bioweapons attack in London. The protagonist of the Sci-Fi adventure will be doctor Amy Tenant, locked up with another scientist in a laboratory, containing a fearsome secret inside.

The title of Wales Interactive presents multiple narrative choices, which branch into 8 different endings, similar to the interactive work Bandersnatch of Netflix. Each interaction with the characters will weaken or strengthen our bond, depending on the approach we are going to use, influencing the result of certain scenes. The Complex although it looks like a classic FMV (full motion video) game or an interactive film, it has a structure very similar to the titles developed by Telltale or the saga "Life is Strange"By Dontnod.

The Complex will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One e Nintendo Switch starting from the next 31 March.

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