The Broken and The Bad: a docu-series about Breaking Bad is coming

How far from fiction is the world of Breaking Bad.? Apparently not much, if the AMC decided to create an online series dedicated to this. The news was released on the official Facebook page of Breaking Bad. through the publication of a video trailer. The docu-series based on the world of BB e B it will be called The Broken and The Bad and will be presented by Giancarlo Esposito, known by all fans for playing the fearsome Gus Fring. In America series will be available from July 9 2020 on the site AMC.COM or on the application of the television network while, as regards spain it will be available from the same day on Netflix.

The Broken and The Bad will be set in the world of Breaking Bad. e B. The series will talk about the most fearsome characters and the most surreal tales, focusing on the real stories that inspired their invented world. Confirmed the presence of Michael McKeanBob odenkirk e Rhea Seehorn - Chuck, Saul and Kim in Better Call Saul - while we do not yet know that the two protagonists of Breaking Bad will participate Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul.

 For all the news about this and other upcoming TV series, as usual we will not fail to keep you constantly updated.

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