The Boys: the official trailer of the second season has been published on youtube

Amazon Prime Video continues to argue against Netflix in terms of exclusive published content. To increase the hype of the public, a few hours ago he shared on his own channel youtube the new trailer for the second season of The Boys. Having already shown a exclusive video and a first mini-trailer, with today's fans will feel more and more in fibrillation. In an interview, two of the main actors of the series had claimed that in this one second season will be such scenes crazy to be considered incredible. Here, in these three minutes just published they gave us some preview.

In the new trailer, in addition to many human explosions, we see for the first time a new character. We are talking about Stormfront (interpreted by Aya Cash), the new "girl"Of the Seven, now halved. We note that life for "Boys“It won't be easy at all, as they are now wanted all over America and constantly on the run. From what we see in the video, the superheroes are rebelling, and the world is now overrun by super uncontrollable people. THE Seven they will need to enlarge them groups and teams, while Butcher and his friends they will need new ones allies. In short, one war real will swoop down on Earth, and the fates have not yet been written. 

From what we have also seen in the previous videos, probably the figure of Giancarlo Esposito will play an important role. As soon as he appeared in the first season, he plays Mr. Edgar, a mysterious individual at the head of the Vought Corp. Let's hope he finally got a more influential role in the story. The Boys 2 will come 4 September 2020 su Amazon Prime Video. In the meantime, to refresh your memory, we advise you to read our preview written a few days before the official release of the first season.

For all the news on this, and other upcoming titles, stay tuned. As usual, we will not fail to keep you updated constantly.

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The Boys shows up in a rich new uncensored trailer ❯
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