The Boys: the first official trailer of the series has been published on Youtube

Just posted on the Youtube channel of Amazon Prime Video il official trailer of the second season of The Boys. It would seem that the well-known company is betting a lot on this title, continuously increasing the hype of the public. In fact, we saw that, a few days ago, an exclusive video was published on the same channel showing a "supervillain"Struggling with a multiple homicide. Today, however, we have the official trailer in our hands.

Without making any spoilers, as we now know the superheroes of the world of The Boys they revealed themselves for what their true origin is. Their human side overhangs that of champions of justice and, like all of us, have committed more or less serious errors. During this second season we'll see what the consequences of their actions, what will be the fate of Billy Butcher - now sought after - and above all we hope to obtain all the answers to the questions we asked ourselves at the end of the first season.

La second season will be available starting from 4 September 2020 su Amazon Prime Video. We hope that all of our expectations (born thanks to the captivating videos published) are fully satisfied. For all the news about this and other upcoming titles, as usual we will not fail to keep you updated.

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The Boys: the official trailer of the second season has been published on youtube ❯
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