The Boys: Jack Quaid talks about what he expects from the series in the future

The television adaptation of The Boys, targati Amazon Prime Video, has been a big hit for some time and while the second season is coming just at the end of this week, Amazon has announced that it has even already ordered the third. The executive producer Seth Rogencreator of SuperbadPineapple Express, he revealed that this production is the most popular he has ever taken part in. Potentially it could be a source of great earnings for Amazon, but they are not yet in the forecast spin off o Games dedicated. One of the protagonists of the series, however, has reflections on what he would like to see in the future. The star Jack Quaid revealed that he had ideas about the video game series due to the infinite possibilities it hides.

I think I'd like a video game already knowing it exists… Ok, let's assume you can play as anyone. It's like having so many different types of games packed into one. You can play as Superman or as a simple human in a first person shooter. There are so many things you could accomplish with The Boys. I think you could also create different games of the same series, as well as in A-Train. You can make it a tactical game or a first or third person shooter. There is a lot of potential there and it would be nice to even see a tabletop RPG of it. The different gameplay you would get from a video game would be really cool. Take the guys who made Arkham, Asylum, Arkham City and all that stuff there, take them ...

The guys he's referring to are those of Rocksteady Studios, but they are busy, for the moment, on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which had already been confirmed as being worked on and released not before 2022. Meanwhile, the second season of The Boys will be available on Amazon Prime from next September 4, but unlike in the first season, the episodes will not all be released at the same time.

In the second season the protagonists are on the run from the law, hunted by Supes and desperately try to regroup and fight against the villain Vought.

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