The Boys: a new exclusive scene published on Youtube

Just published on the official Youtube channel of Amazon Prime Video an exclusive scene regarding the new season of The Boys, arriving on the platform since 4 September 2020. The video, divided into two scenes that take place simultaneously but in two different areas of the world, shows on one side two characters already known within the series - one of them starring Giancarlo Esposito, known by many for being the villain Gus Fring in Breaking Bad - intent on quietly discussing the usefulness of heroes in the world. In the second scene, however, we can see one unknown figure armed with sharp knives to carry out several murders in a country in the east.

There are many questions to ask after seeing this scene. We are faced with the new main villain di The Boys? What will be the future of the heroes that we could see in action during the first season? Given the open ending of the first season, which voided all our convictions up to that point, how the plot will develop? To find the answer to all these questions, we just have to wait a few more months.

For all the news about this and other upcoming titles we, as usual, will not fail to keep you constantly updated.

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