The Boys 3: unveiled the first page of the script and the title of the episode

The acclaimed hit series produced by Eric Kripke on behalf of Amazon, available right on the proprietary platform Prime Video, after the success of the first season and the encore obtained with the second one recently finished and distributed entirely on the platform, it does not seem to want to stop. Through a tweet released today, the producer of the series makes it known that The Boys 3 will be done and that the start of filming is set for 2021. Not only that, with the official start of the work, the chances that the new season will arrive in 2022 become more and more.

The third will most likely be even more crazy and chaotic than the previous ones, unlike the spin-off series announced a couple of weeks ago by the same showrunner. The first episode of The Boys 3, as we can see from the tweet below, will be titled "Payback"And was accompanied by the caption below inserted in the tweet:

TheBoys Will Return. (The Boys will be back)

Season3 Begins Filming Early 2021 (Season 3 will begin filming in early 2021)

You're Not Fucking Ready. (You're not fucking ready)

#TheBoys Will Return. # Season3 Begins Filming Early 2021
You're Not Fucking Ready. # TheBoysTV @TheBoysTV @PrimeVideo @SPTV #SPNFamily @Sethrogen @antonystarr @ JackQuaid92 @KarlUrban @ErinMoriarty_ @lazofficial @KarenFukuhara @The_JessieT @itsNateMitch0

- Eric Kripke (@therealKripke) October 14, 2020

These are the words of the producer about the new season:

Season XNUMX is going to be totally crazy. Already in the first ten minutes of the first episode there is a sequence - which I will not reveal - that literally every time we talk about it I go out of my mind, it is crazy. Then we'll go even deeper into the characters' storylines and continue to explore and propose new storylines for them, but h ** k, you're going to see some really good ones.

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The Boys - Preview of the first 3 episodes of the Eric Kripke series ❯
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