The Boys 2 - Preview, the hunt for the Super continues

The comic was so violent and against superheroes that the DC Comics, the first company to print six of these volumes, he gave up his rights risking not to release this comic book gem. Fortunately the Dynamite Entertainment he took it and allowed the fantastic duo Ennis-Robertson to release one of the best stories of (or rather against) superheroes. The Boys, published by Panini Comics (6 deluxe volumes include the whole story, while an additional issue has just been released in America and will arrive in Spain in the next few months), responds violently and splattered to the question “who controls the controllers? (who watches the watchers?) ".

With a second season ready to go out (on September 4th with the first three episodes, the ones we have seen, and then one a week for the rest of the season) we got our hands on a handful of hours of this series and we are ready to tell you something, obviously without spoilers.

Without limits

The first season of The Boys it was certainly an experiment: such violence and such arguments - despite being more cleared today than then - always manage to make purists turn up their noses. Fortunately, the success was such as to allow the realization of this second season and the planning of a third. The first three episodes of this The Boys 2 restart where we left off, with the consequences of the final confrontation: the plot itself advances linearly, but definitely faster than the previous season. It could be said that in the first episode there is more meat on the fire than there was in half of the previous season, as if they were now ready to put all the ingredients of the omelette, and not just the eggs.

If this may interest you, then you will also need to know that finally, The Boys (that of Prime Video) also starts to have some guts in the tell something new (or in a different order anyway): especially with Kimiko, it seems that the writers have taken some liberties to make her more human and less tearful. She will have a mini narrative arc in this second season, as if to fish out the modus operandi seen on the comic (which alternated short stories on the various individual characters with long stories of the group). All in all, the first three episodes are intriguing, to the point of pushing us to want more.

As The Boys

The thing that immediately stands out, especially from the second episode onwards, are the dynamics of the group: different from the original (at least at the beginning), they are able to bring out characterizations really well done, adding facets to every single human or super, to the point of letting us know something we did not know yet. There remains the hint of the unexpected (especially with Homelander and with the new entry), and often this reflection will be accompanied by blood, violence and more blood. In spite of everything, nothing exaggerated knowing the concept of the project, but indeed very much in line with the expectations that fans should have.

The new entry of the series (among all Giancarlo Esposito) and the attention to detail is obsessive (this is especially noticeable in the dialogues). There are still 5 episodes to finish this second part, but we certainly expect a lot of meat (rare) on the fire and many revelations, blows and changes of status quo. Obviously we can not draw a conclusive judgment on The Boys 2, but we will return to talk about it at the end of the season.

Eh but the comic !?

Usually I am always against comparisons of works when maybe they are born on one medium and arrive on another: I have always stated how the MCU films are brave to distance themselves from the characters of the comics sometimes, and I will continue to support it. The problem this time - if we want to call it that - concerns however the very concept of the product. The concept is very simple: the plates by Garth Ennis and Darrick Robertson (who inspired this series) start with a bang right from the first volumes. There is no talk of splatter, blood or action (of which there are tons of them in the series too) but of clashes.

One of the most iconic scenes I remember from the comic shows a Butcher who, in front of Homelander's chatter (who in the original is less calculating and simpler) remains impassive, observing his face with much greater confidence than that seen in the series. This is because The Boys, in order to be the controllers of the Super, have Compound V in their blood, which gives them improved abilities to stand up to them. Although I understand that this is not necessary for the weave to walk, it remains a deterrent: in the comic the bad boys can afford a confidence and a swagger that in the series, at least until now, is missing. Holed up, ready to escape and always scared, they are not the characters that those who have read the original work know, and this differentiation, although at the beginning it may be interesting, in the long run tired.

If you still fail to notice the difference, just look at Kimiko's behavior: ready to jump into the fray, sure to survive and always ready to rip anyone's face off. Obviously this is not a demerit of the series, but a criticism of the choice of wanting to take the long road, like the vast majority of TV series, and not the short one (but definitely more intense and particular).

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