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Some games insist on using an Internet connection to associate with social networks, other times it is particular characteristics of the application itself that require it, we in this article will release you a list with the best free Android offline games.

We all like to enjoy a good offline game on our mobile during our day's free time. 2020 is one of the best years of free Android games for the gaming segment on Android devices, with game launches that have raised the bar as the most used mobile platform in the world, and everything indicates that it will continue the same way.

Thankfully, the developers are still betting on free offline games, which can be enjoyed in any situation and without worrying about data or Wifi. In this article, we have selected the best Android Offline games that can be downloaded from Google Play.

The problem? That the vast majority of these games don't work without WiFi or without a permanent Internet connection. But don't panic! Below we have compiled a list of best games without internet for android and to be used even without internet connection for Android.

The best free offline games for Android

0. Pokemon Quest

A novelty of Google Play is Pokémon Quest, the latest pocket monster title released on Android, which like many other games on the store, it does not require an Internet connection. 

In Pokémon Quest, all Pokémon have been turned into cubes and our goal will be to go in search of hidden treasures on the island of Rodacubo. Along the way, we will be able to form a team of Pokémon, fight with other monsters and create the best camp on the island.

It may not be the best Pokémon game available on Android - perhaps that credit is due to Pokémon GO - but it is one of the best games without Internet to download if you are a fan of the saga.

1. Exiled Kingdoms

Exiled Kingdoms is a traditional RPG in its essence. Made in the classic mold, it is completely offline, has a Portuguese story and allows you to play the campaign (about 15 hours) without having to pay.

A great help to pass the time on a rainy day. Exiled Kingdoms is an RPG that may not give the best in graphics, but all in all it is quite radical. Made in the classic mold, it is completely offline, has a Portuguese story and allows you to play half of the campaign (about 15 hours) without having to pay.

2. Horror Story Nancy Parker

With great 3D graphics, Horror Story: Nancy Parker is the tip for anyone looking for an offline horror game. The mission is to find out what is happening when you wake up without remembering what happened. But first, you need to get out of a dark dungeon. For this, the player must look around and find objects that can help him escape.

3. West fighter - West Gunfighter

West Gunfighter is an amazing, small, light, yet content-packed Android offline game, reminiscent of a lot of Six-Guns at the start of the game. An open world game with many missions to explore and few unreleased purchases, you can finish the game without buying anything. For anyone who loves the old western style, this game is great.

4. Sky Force Reloaded

With attractive graphics, intense gameplay and many new features, this great game was a suggestion from our reader and friend Franco Luiz. The options for upgrading your planes are incredible!

There is a satisfying number of planes to choose from, each with different strengths and weaknesses. The game also allows you to choose the types of weapons for each aircraft. Guaranteed fun in one of the best free download games for android without internet in this field.

5. Spellblade: Match-3 puzzle RPG

In this fantastic game that mixes RPGs with a match of three, you have to win against monsters and various bosses until you get to the main villain of the game who has imprisoned the queen of the kingdom.

Its purpose is to defeat him and save him. As you defeat enemies, you will level up, earn new weapons, acquire new powers, and unlock other characters to help you. It has all the immersion of a traditional RPG, super recommended, one of the best.

6. Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition

This Sega classic that originated on Mega Drive, arrived on Google Play in the form of a free remaster and participates in the “SEGA Forever” initiative, which aims to bring its classics to the Android platform.

With the use of an accelerometer, the player has to lash out at the monkey in a ball. The mission is simple, you have to go through various scenarios without falling into any kind of abyss. The game has several great minigames like bang and bowling.

7. Plants vs. Zombies 2

The classic Plants vs. Zombies, got improvements in its second edition. News has arrived, both on the plant side and on the zombie side. What is your goal? Protect your brain! Choose the right plants and the right strategies to win. Unlock stadiums and explore different worlds in this adventure game.

8. Valiant Hearts

Referred to by one of our readers, Valiant Hearts is a game that combines puzzle, adventure and action. Four anonymous heroes fight during the First World War, taking the player to the positions of the time and revisiting the battles.

9 angry Birds

The Angry Birds free internet games franchise is notorious for not needing an internet connection to work. Remember that not all titles in the franchise can be played offline, but in this article, we will share the three best games in the series, they are: Angry Birds GO, Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds POP.

10. Swamp Attack

In Swamp Attack your goal is to protect a village from nearby swamp creatures, especially alligators. The game is free and its gameplay is tower defense style, that is, in addition to guarding your booth, rewards are offered to the player. The name is certainly not catchy, however it deserves some space on your Android smartphone.

11. Does Not Commute

Forget “Asphalts” and “Real Racings”: this is a car game for people looking for something different. It happens in a strange city of the seventies. In Does Not Communte, you control the vehicles of this city in a series of very strange missions, while avoiding the increasingly confusing traffic.

Cars cannot be stopped, so their reflexes and the ability to plan ahead will be pushed to the limit. A very fun and original game.

12. Punch Quest

This vibrant and chaotic game became an instant hit when it landed in the Google Play Store. It is an action game that does not require the player to keep their fingers under the screen to move the character, thus allowing you to focus on the buttons to hit and jump as your character automatically runs across the screen.

The game design is fantastic, reminiscent of classics like Ghouls' n Ghosts and Metal Slug. Customize your character, level up and ride a crazy dinosaur!

13. Temple Run 2

This is a Play Store classic. Temple Run 2, like its predecessor, is an endless run where your hero traverses jungle paths and mazes. You need to swipe up, down, left and right to go through curves and deadly traps.

If you fail, a bunch of weird monkeys come for you. The concept is simple and the gameplay is addicting.

14. Asphalt 8: Airbone

Asphalt 8 is a fast paced game with exciting graphics and great gameplay. It also has a good soundtrack. For those who love help racing and appreciate HD graphics, Asphalt 8 is definitely a great choice.

15. Dots

At first the game seems simple, but it doesn't take long to realize that it's not that simple. In Dots you have to match as many points of the same color in just 60 seconds and with the fewest possible moves. You can play solo or in virtual multiplayer, so an internet connection is not required.

16. Badland

You should control a group of forest dwellers by holding your finger on the screen so that they slide between the dark and very dirty danger zones. This game also offers virtual multiplayer mode without the need for an internet connection. The free version has 40 levels and the paid version adds another 40 levels.

We hope we have helped you to try out many Android offline games that answer your requests. Leave a comment below if you like!

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