The best machines in Just Cause 3

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Just Cause 3: guide to the fastest cars [Verdeleon 3, Mugello Vistosa]


No one will stop you with these racing cars

The best machines in Just Cause 3

If you too are wondering which are and where are the fastest cars of Just Cause 3, in this guide we have some advice to give you. The names that come up, first of all, are three:

Mugello Farina Duo F1
A beautiful Formula 1 car. Probably the most coveted, to find it all you have to do is follow the guide to find the F1 Mugello Farina Duo car in Just Cause 3.

Showy Mugello
Apparently Mugello is synonymous with speed almost everywhere. This is another fireball featured in Just Cause 3, but there is currently no definite spawn point for this machine. Try and try again to go to the fast travel point of Manaea in Baia, you should find one, sooner or later, in the parking lots south of the city. Watch the video below:

Distributor 3
It has the same top speed as the Vistosa, but is more powerful. The car is located (but probably not the only place) in a warehouse in the North Montana region, see the video:

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