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Are you a good observer? Don't you miss a detail when you watch a scene? Well, you are in luck, in today's article we will talk of the best free Spanish hidden object games. There is nothing like training your eyes and mind with these types of object finder games.

Scenes with an infinite number of objects, among which you have to find the ones the game asks of you, unravel mysteries and spend hours having fun with the most complicated missions you can imagine. Test your mind and vision and don't despair if you can't find them.

Push yourself and reach your goals with the following selection of free hidden object games in Spanish, try them all!

Spanish hidden object game list

List of hidden object games to download for free

1. Time Gap: Hidden Objects

  • Download the game from here

Imagine a beautiful setting, on a sunny day, inside a Parisian restaurant, where people have fun and drink coffee. But suddenly an intense glow and in a few seconds any sign of life disappears from the face of the earth.

You have to find out what happened, find the hidden things and even the objects themselves to unravel the mystery and find out the truth about this whole thing, where are the people now?

In different scenarios you can talk to characters like Cleopatra, Napoleon, Leonardo da Vinci or Albert Einstein, they will give us advice and help when we need it, to find those objects that will give us clues about what happened.

2. Secret Mission - Hidden Object Games in Spanish for free online

  • Download the game from here

Located in a cursed castle, we must show off our observation skills and find hidden objects that will help us find a valuable jewel, which has been missing for several years. Prevent it from falling into the wrong hands and use your wits and lynx sight to get hold of maps, clues and items that will help you on your adventure.

In this hidden object game, don't leave a corner unnoticed and you must be able to understand the mysteries that are locked away in the castle. Download this game if you are looking for one of the most addicting adventures of its kind, with mental challenges and thousands of items.

Haunted forest, spooky castle, messy rooms, secret caves ... Scenarios that will take you to the limit of your investigative skills and keep you entertained.

3. The Mystery of Egypt - Free Hidden Object Games

  • Download the game from here

Wrapped in the aura of mystery surrounding the world and Egyptian civilization, find hidden objects for free in Spanish, in remote places. The pyramids house incredible treasures that house the mummies of Tuntakamon, on the bank of the Nile that the Sphinx observes.

In this game you will be able to zoom in, use the magnifying glass and then easily find the hidden objects. Advance in the game and observe the silhouettes to find the objects, in this game you can enjoy alternative games to get better clues like word search, card matching games, find the differences, also have fun with the games of finding hidden objects with a maximum time to solve them and you will get bonuses to advance faster.

Also puzzle games, in which you have to put the pieces together to discover the image that is hidden and thus see the object we have to find.

4. Mystery Manor, find the hidden object

  • Download the game from here

In this case, the cat named Joshua challenges us to solve the mysteries of an ancient mansion, test your mind and find out if you can solve all the puzzles that are enclosed in those four walls. He will guide us through different rooms where we will meet incredible and dangerous monsters. Terrifying ghosts who will try to distract us to avoid solving the puzzles and find the hidden objects and even the hidden rooms.

One of the biggest attractions of this game is the graphics that accompany it, very careful and that will delight lovers of this type of hidden object games. You can play without having data or a Wi-Fi network nearby, at any time, and it's completely free.

5. Hidden Object Games Haunted Hospital

  • Download the game from here

In this game we must find all the hidden objects needed to escape from the horror hospital. If you don't want to spend another second in that terrifying place, be quick to find everything you need to make our escape fruitful.

Escape the cursed hospital as soon as possible, leaving behind ghosts, curses and fears that will only try to leave you trapped in a gloomy abandoned hospital. Look for those curious objects like syringes, broken and bloodied medical devices to unravel the mystery. Category free games hidden objects Spanish and very chilling.

6. Hidden Objects - Around the world in 80 days

  • Download the game from here

Set in the famous novel by Jules Verne we will have to find those hidden objects in different continents, countries, cities and settings that appear in the novel. You will be able to immerse yourself in the most bucolic scenarios with detailed and quality graphics, where you will have to find the lost objects.

Your journey, which is that of Phileas Fogg together with his servant Passepartout, begins in England, then you will visit France, Egypt, India, China, Japan, the United States and other beautiful countries. Play through each level in search of the lost objects and immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure.

Solve the puzzles quickly, as the police are on your tail and believe that you are running away from the law for several crimes, then hone your wits and eyesight to get the best results in your research tasks and continue to a new level, while also enjoying the ambient music that accompanies this magnificent title.

7. Housekeeping Hidden Objects House Games

  • Download the game from here

The time has come to tidy up a house that is a mess, we have to help our protagonist to find the objects he wants, to put some order in the whole mess. We will clean the house and in every room the situation is even more complicated.

We will clean up and organize the clutter that reaches our ears, we will move objects, we will zoom in to find the little ones or those that are hidden in the darkest corners. 

If you think you are good at playing this game, turn on the limited time option, try the puzzles and jigsaw games that will test your adventures in this fun game. Show that you know how to clean and tidy up your home and especially your room.

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