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Master Chef, Nightmare in the kitchen or similar, in addition to making our mouth water with truly incredible dishes, also teach us how to cook delicious dishes, that's why today we will see the best cooking games for Android.

We are in full growth and development of signature cuisine, with television programs by great chefs laden with Michelin stars. They show us impossible recipes with liquid nitrogen, siphons, spherifications, etc.

But in addition to programs such as Master Chef, Nightmare in the kitchen or similar, along with other applications of recipes and tasty dishes, we also like to play at being cooks, and in our free time we try to learn how to cook with the best cooking games. free. That's why today we are going to see the best restaurant management games for Android.

We will explore the extensive catalog of the Google Play Store and turn on the stoves of the funniest kitchens on the net. Including games of cooking sandwiches or running a restaurant, and of course we also find the great barbecue of Bikini Bottom: SpongeBob.

The best cooking games for Android

We will turn on the virtual stoves, and we will start cooking for some demanding customers that we must conquer from the gut, and thus become the best chefs on the current scene, and make sure that more and more people want to come to our restaurant.

  1. Cooking fever
  2. SpongeBob: Sfida al Krusty
  3. Pazza Cucina - The Chef's Restaurant
  4. Cooking city
  5. Cooking Urban Food: Cooking Games
  6. MasterChef: Dream Plate (culinary design)
  7. Restaurant Mania: Zombie Kitchen
  8. Fever & Craze food cooking games

The best Android cooking games

1. Cooking Fever

Let's change Saturday night fever from stove fever. With this free cooking game you will feel the pressure of the chefs, where you will prepare the most varied dishes, including pastry.

But it's not just about cooking, you will have to decorate and manage your restaurant to make it the most attractive in the place, so that your customers come from all over the world.

You can use hundreds of ingredients to cook for dishes of the best quality. You also have the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets at your disposal, from coffee machines and rice cookers to pizza ovens and popcorn machines.

This game includes the option to share the best recipes you create with your Facebook friends and share the results as you progress through the game.

2. Spongebob Cooking Contest

We couldn't talk about free download cooking games, if we don't talk about Bikini Bottom's best barbecue, SpongeBob. And if Mr. Krabs likes the color of money, your mission is to fill his pockets with vile metal.

Create your own restaurant that you can decorate and customize according to your style, prepare it to serve a delicious meal to customers and feed them fast food, Put your time management skills to the test and experience Bob Sponge's crazy cooking moments firsthand. Turn on the grill and get ready to cook!

Cook the famous Burger Cangreburgers, along with pancakes and delicious grills from cartoon series like Patricio, Arenita, Squidward and many others. You have to make your customers happy to receive rewards, tips and good opinions which will give you bonuses to increase your level in the game.

Making delicious Krabby Burger at Crustacean Crustacean and steak or ribs at Sandy's House, along with hot dogs at Weenie Hut Jr, will be a lot of fun, as you discover more family-friendly restaurants and different cuisines at Bikini Bottom, Slimy Lagoon and more.

3. Pazza Cucina - The Chef's Restaurant

The culinary madness is here, with this addicting free cooking game for Android we will have a lot of fun. It has comic or cartoon-like graphics, which makes it very attractive. You will be able to cook and travel around the world, be successful in restaurants around the planet and be the leader of all chefs.

Prepare the best dishes, keep the best recipes up to date and surprise the audience only in this way you will reach the top of the kitchen. There are special missions at your disposal that will unlock achievements that will make the game more interesting if possible.

The more you leftover, the more complicated the recipes will be and the cooking craze grows. Prepare pans and pots and prepare to be the fastest and most skilled in the kitchen.

4. Cooking City - City of Cuisine

With this free cooking game you will have to be the fastest and satisfy all the customers of your restaurant. Make complicated recipes of Chinese, American or Spanish cuisine, from all over the world, even a coffee can have many shades.

This is one of the cooking and restaurant games that does not need the Internet or a Wi-Fi network to be able to play with it anytime, anywhere.. Have fun cooking hamburgers, waffles, fries or pizza… Cook dishes you've never seen, or even imagined, but do it fast and fly through the over three hundred levels that accumulate in the game.

Upgrade your options by logging in every day, they will give you rewards, upgrades or coins that will make you succeed in the crazy cooking levels, for which you will have to succeed. The road to success is long and it takes a lot of effort to walk it all.

5. Cooking Urban Food: Cooking Games

If you like "foodstrucks" and street food, this is your game. Here is your truck for cooking fast food and convincing your customers that you are the best option to spend their money and fill their stomachs. But you don't just have to cook, it's not that easy, you also need to train and improve the skills of your waiters.

Start improving the tools of your kitchen to be able to resist the frenzy of the kitchens, and the diabolical rhythm of the customers. If you want to earn money you have to become the best chef of the different islands that appear in the game.

As you progress you can unlock a new food truck every two levels. You will need to be nimble and learn new street food recipes like delicious burgers, sandwiches, different donuts and much more, but you will also be able to decorate the parking lots of your van in these cooking and restaurant games. Definitely the number one Street food cooking game.

6. MasterChef: Dream Plate (culinary design)

If you like the Master Chef program, where anonymous contestants suffer to become the best chefs and get the jacket that credits them as worthy of the grand prize, this is your game. You can be a judge and evaluate competitors' creations.

You will also cook amazing dishes and make presentations of dishes worthy of the best chefs awarded with Michelin stars, during their career. You have to be elegant and innovative in your presentations, add special effects and be judged by the judges.

Be the best of all competitors and win the respect of the judges and chefs of the panorama, you can decorate your profile with stickers and stickers of the program icons such as the white apron and the chef's jacket. You know, the grand prize can only be won by one, and that can be you.

7. Restaurant Mania: Zombie Kitchen

This is one of the free cooking games out of the ordinary, from what we have seen so far… from now on you have to feed insatiable zombies, and rather dead customers, but not quite from hunger. Make delicious newt eye soups, fried brains topped with a touch of pepper.

Your customers from the outside want their food well prepared and on time, don't delay your processing and be careful they don't eat your brain… Select the type of dish, the ingredients and voila, satisfy the voracious appetite of the local zombies.

Receive Dracula, Frankestein or the fairytale witch in your restaurant and feed them their favorite dishes, you will have a lot of fun with this different point of view in the world of cooking. Your dishes will be truly delicious for those hungry customers.

8. Fever & Craze food cooking games

Prepare the best recipes, food of all kinds and from all countries, pastries and coffee can also be haute cuisine, prepare exquisite recipes and show your cooking skills. This is one of the perfect free cooking games to download for boys and girls who want to start learning how to cook and prepare delicious recipes.

Build your restaurant and decide if it's Spanish with pizza and spaghetti recipes. Pasta alla bolognese, alla carbonara and all'arrabbiata will be your main dishes and the exquisite tortellini will be the best on your menu. If you want it to be an American restaurant, prepare burgers, bacon, potatoes and all this with the recipes of a refined gourmet.

She even makes chocolate desserts, great cakes, delicious cookies, etc. Learn to cook from scratch with this game and even prepare vegan recipes to surprise everyone . Create recipes from anywhere in the world through India, China, America ...

I hope that with this list of games you can have fun and also learn the strange culinary preparation, have fun cooking and spend some time playing whatever you like without spending a single dollar. Prepare succulent and fun dishes for guaranteed fun, Michelin stars await you in these games from the Google Play Store.

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