The best apps for walking and losing weight

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Le best walking apps and lose weight. We know that racing can be very boring at times, so it's best to go with friends, but it's not always possible to organize yourself. So if you're running alone, you've got a great new ally against boredom, your Android!

Smartphones have changed many things in everyday life, obviously including sport. Thanks to our smartphones we can monitor our movements, check times and even listen to motivating music.

The best apps for walking and losing weight

The best apps for walking and losing weight

1. Food

For running or walking, this application monitors all outdoor activities by offering statistics of distance, speed, pace or incline. You can challenge yourself by targeting your own personal challenges. Also this application has relationships with social networks as you can join a club or participate in group training courses.

2. Endomondo

It is one of the most popular applications among runners and sports lovers. With it you can measure distance, speed or calories burned. You can also set goals by creating an engagement, creating a training plan or challenging your friends. You can follow the history and progress of communications from the application itself.

If you want to analyze your performance through statistics, you can do it with Endomondo Premium which obviously is paid and requires an additional monthly fee. With the free version you already have a lot of options at your disposal, so you shouldn't run into any problems.

3. Runtastic

Runtastic as well as being a good application for your jogging, has a large community of fitness enthusiasts. With it you can record your workouts in terms of distance, time, altitude change, calories burned, etc ...

But that's not all, it is also possible to use it for an excursion or a simple motorcycle ride. You can listen to music smoothly on the go, since the app integrates with the music player of your choice. Your friends can also send motivating messages through the social network at your disposal. The free version offers more than just the essentials, so it's very satisfying in our opinion.

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4. RunKeeper

This application claims to be used by as many as 25 million people, so such a large number of users can't make the same mistake. With this application you can monitor any physical activity, not just perform it. It provides detailed statistics on speed and distance and you can also check your progress thanks to the history.

It also has training plans for different goals (losing weight, preparing for competitions, etc.) and a card where you can write them down. Furthermore, every time you have reached a goal, you will be able to share the news on social networks. If you also have a subscription to RunKeeper Elite, your friends (and fans) can see live on the map where you are during a race or during a simple workout.

5. Nike + Running

With Nike + Running you can track your (career) improvements and plan training courses to achieve your goals. This application saves your routes on a map, presents the statistics of your complete races as well as partial ones. When you post on Facebook that you are about to face a race or that you have reached a goal that you set yourself some time before, maybe you will get compliments and this will push you to improve your performance more and more.

If you are still having problems in terms of grit, to give yourself an extra boost, you can use a program called NikeFuel, which will give you points every time you reach a goal or run more; maybe that way you will be more motivated. You can also throw challenges to your friends, so you will see who is the best!

6. Sport Tracker

This app puts at your disposal a graphic in which you present the information of your statistics or the profiles of the routes you take. You can share your routes and results through social networks and you can also find new routes among those shared by your friends.

It is able to monitor the heart rate thanks to a Bluetooth heart rate monitor that is purchased separately and also to provide information by voice in full activity. In case something happens to your smartphone and you are therefore forced to have a new one, you have an automatic backup on your website of all your workouts.

7. In the form Running of Verv

If you want to improve your fitness and decrease weight to improve the quality of your life with this application, you can do it. It has six long-term training programs for losing weight and also has several training courses for short-term sessions. A good helper to change your lifestyle, eat healthy, exercise and stay healthy.

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8. MapMyHike

For long distance hiking, this app is a good option. In addition to using it individually, you will be part of a community of 40 million athletes who already use the application. It supports Google Fit, Android Wear, Garmin, Fitbit or Jawbone.

9. GPS excursions

When taking a trail, you usually don't go home for a whole day or even several days. In the meantime, it is clear that having the smartphone always charged will be a real luxury. Therefore we need an application that maintains the autonomy of the device in terms of battery but at the same time allows us to collect data on the position and progress of our race.

10. RockMyRun - The best workout music

If you want to start taking a few steps because you worry about your health, but you don't feel motivated enough, this is the app for you. It will put you in tune with the shuffled music so you can run and train without thinking too much. All you have to do is sync the playlist. Concentrate on the tune of the song you listen to, you can match the pace and speed of the steps to it, you will be in tune in all senses!

We hope we have been helpful. Leave a comment below if you like!

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