The best applications to convert your photos into drawings

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The best applications to convert yours photos in drawings. When we need to convert our photographs, there are a ton of applications that can help us, both free and paid, although in most cases it is not necessary to get your hands on your wallet.

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In fact, through some apps it is possible convert photos, resize them, retouch them, modify their format, etc. Well, in these lines we will talk about a treatment with which we can get really evident and spectacular results in some cases.

In particular we will refer to a series of apps that we can use on ours Internet browser favorite, which will allow us to convert your photos into drawings in a few seconds.

To do this, all we need to do is upload the photo and select the style of the drawing o effect that we want to apply. Indeed, sometimes we will have the ability to adjust and customize theintensity of the effect applied to obtain the expected result.

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Turn your photos into drawings in seconds

For this tutorial let's take the web application named PhotoFunia.

It is actually a free web application with hundreds of photo effects, which we can use, including the drawing effect that we will use in this particular case. To do this, we will have to use the "Pencil drawing" section, to start, we have to upload a photo, then select it later if we want to get a monochrome drawing and colors.

Similarly we can choose it background, as well as other options to improve the appearance of the design that will be created. After that, we can generate the drawing and then download it to the computer and use it wherever we want.

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But that's not all, because we can also choose to use another similar app called, another free web application that provides us with many drawing filters that we can use to convert the photos in drawings. Also, one of the top features is that once the conversion is done, via the app we can add elements such as frames, stickers or text to the final result.

Let's finish with the last proposal called Lunapica free web application for photo editing which allows us to add multimedia elements or apply effects like what we need in this tutorial. To do this we need to load theimage from our computer, or select a URL from the Internet to then apply the desired “drawing” effect, also offers the possibility of personalize the intensity to obtain the result most in line with our initial idea.

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