The Batman will be the darkest Dark Knight movie ever

More than a year to go until the release of The Batman, the new branded film DC which he will see in the direction Matt Reeves. We've been hearing about this title for a long time, but until now the producers had let very little news shine through. It was just right Andy Serkis - known by all for playing Gollum in The Lord of the Rings - to fall into the trap of the interviewers, letting slip some details. We know Serkis will play Alfred, the trusted butler of Bruce Wayne, and it has been revealed that much of the film will be centered around the relationship between the two. The actor confessed that, in his opinion, imitating Michael Caine as Alfred the Butler is really impossible, but he's looking for inspiration to make the character more personal.

Although Serkis tried not to reveal particularly important information, he could not avoid all the interviewers' questions. When confirmation was sought as to whether Reeves' film was darker and darker than the previous ones, failed to disprove, stating that this was not far from reality. Some rumors speak of an inspiration to The Long Halloween, a comic miniseries with dark notes. Who knows if that is not the dark key that is being talked about so much.

The presence of is obviously confirmed Robert Pattinson as the protagonist. According to a recent news, Warner Bros is creating a timeline of the DC universe within the movie The Flash 2 (also in production), which will see the participation of various heroes. If this actually happens, we will see Pattinson as the batman very often in the future. Regarding the official release of The Batman, we will have to wait the end of the 2021. For those most interested in DC films in production, we would like to point out an article regarding some of the delays caused by COVID-19 and, as always, we will not fail to keep you updated on all the news regarding the next films.

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