The Batman: What we'd like to see in the new film directed by Matt Reeves

As we all know the new film dedicated to the Dark Knight or "The Batman"Has had quite a few problems. The project was initially entrusted to Ben Affleck who would have had a double role, namely that of director and protagonist having played the role of Batman in two other films ("Justice League" and "Batman V Superman"). During the start of filming, however, Ben Affleck abandons the project and subsequently also renounces the role of Batman.

Subsequently the project is entrusted to the director Matt Reeves who entrusts the role of Batman / Bruce Wayne to the British actor Robert Pattinson, and this choice was not received in the best way by fans of the Gotham City vigilante. In the latest Matt Reeves has announced that the film will also be present Nightwing/Robin e Batgirl. Unfortunately, we still do not know which are the actors who will play these two masked heroes. The ingredients to do well are all there, but what do Batman fans really expect from this new film? Let's go together to analyze the fundamental points that a true fan of the Dark Knight really looks for from this film.


Villain like the Joker they have appeared on the big screen more than once over the years. Removed the unfortunate parenthesis he saw Jared Leto playing the role of the nemesis of the Dark Knight, the other interpretations, including that of Joaquin Phoenix, have been very lucky, just think of the fact that, after many years, we still wonder about who was the best Joker ever. At the moment the fight remains a two-way race Jack Nicholson e Heath Ledger, but it is not certain that Joaquin Phoenix, now at the cinema with "Joker"of Todd Phillips. For this and other reasons I find it much more right to give space to those characters that we have seen maybe only once on the big screen, or maybe never. I'm talking about villain like Penguin, Riddler, Hush e Clayface. Minor villains if we think of sacred monsters of the caliber of Bane e Ra's al Ghul but still very important in the various dynamics that revolve around the Gotham City underworld. The Batman will kick off a new trilogy, and a change of course even on the villains could be a wise decision given the flops of past films.

Full Bat-Family (or almost)

As I said at the beginning of this special dedicated to the new Batman movie, we know that in the film, in all likelihood, they will make their appearance Nightwing/Robin e Batgirl. The only time we could see the trio at work was in 1997 in the film "Batman and Robin"of Joel Schumacher. Now, twenty-two years after that movie's theatrical release, Dark Knight fans can finally see some members of the Bat-Family at work. Now we just have to wait to know for sure who will be the actors who will play Batman's historical aides. Is it time for Nightwing's cinematic debut?


Obviously, given the "young" age of the actor who will play Bruce Wayne / Batman, we expect a story along the lines of New 52, that is, we would like to see a Batman in business for just over six years and operating in the Justice League for the same time. In short, the opposite of the Batman played by Ben Affleck, who is now too old with age and struggles to keep up with the other members of the Justice League. The Bruce Wayne we all know is an exhibitionist Playboy by day and a sworn enemy of evil by night. In the story arc known as New 52, ​​however, Bruce Wayne is more responsible and is committed to making Gotham a better place both with and without the mask.

Now we just have to wait for the release of "The Batman" to see if Matt Reeves will be able to give us the character that we all deserve to see.

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Matt Reeves' The Batman shows up in the first teaser trailer ❯
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