The Batman: the film will be a real evolution

The film industry has been facing a profound crisis caused by Covid-19 for months now. Despite the pandemic, new news continues to arrive regarding the new DC Films title: The Batman. After the revelations a few weeks ago, where the director Matt Reeves anticipated that we will find ourselves in front of the Darkest Dark Knight movie ever, today is the actor Jeffrey Wright to speak. Interpreter for the commissioner James Gordon, Wright said he actively participated in the creation of the film and that it will be a real evolution of Batman. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter he said:

As with any self-respecting movie, we're all working together to make The Batman unique. It will be a real evolution, nothing like this has ever been seen since, in 1939, the story of the Bat Man was born. So, together with Matt (the director) we are working on various ideas and how Robert (the protagonist) could best interpret them.

He also wanted to open a parenthesis on the brand new one Batmobile that we will see in the film:

It will be the toughest muscle car you can imagine. She was born for Gotham City, and it shows clearly. It will be a feast for the eyes.

🦇🏎 #TheBatman

- Matt Reeves (@mattreevesLA) March 4, 2020

For the official release of The Batman we will have to wait a long time. Filming blocked due to the pandemic have probably postponed the unannounced publication date which, to date, remains scheduled for October 2021. As for the cast, in addition to Robert Pattinson in the title role, we will find Andy Serkis (Gollum in The Lord of the Rings) as Alfred, Zoë Kravitz (featured in the Fantastic Beasts saga) will be Catwoman and Paul Dano (known by many for Little Miss Sunshine) will play the Riddler. For other news we just have to wait. We, as usual, will not fail to keep you updated on all the news regarding the upcoming films.

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