The Batman: revealed one of the possible settings

The news continues, but above all the rumors about the expected film The Batman, which will stage a new cinematic version of Gotham's Dark Knight. In the past few hours, a Twitter user has posted some information about the film. According to what he says, filming would begin in a small town in England called Cardington. But not only that, it would seem that at the moment the crew is setting up a cathedral, where the first scene should be shot.

So this week i have discovered….
1. They are filming parts of the Robert Pattinson Batman film at Cardington.
2. They are building a Cathedral in Shed 1 for the movie.
3. They are looking for about 500 extras to film there. # Batman

- ℂℝℕℕ ℍ (@CardingtonSheds) December 19, 2019

So this week I found out….
1. They are shooting parts of Robert Pattinson's Batman movie in Cardington.
2. They are building a cathedral in Shed 1 for the film.
3. They are looking for about 500 extras to film there

Furthermore, Uni-versal Extra is currently looking for around 500 extras, between 18 and 70, who can take part in some filming in the town of Cardington. It is rumored that the scene they have to attend is that of a funeral. It is therefore likely that it is precisely the funeral of Thomas and Marta Wayne, deceased parents of little Bruce.

The tweet for extras for the funeral at Cardington shed 1. Filming Febuary. # Batman

- ℂℝℕℕ ℍ (@CardingtonSheds) December 19, 2019

We remind you that The Batman will be directed by Matt Reeves and will see Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne and, of course, his hooded alter-ego. Some cast members have been announced, including the stars of the sensual Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, and Edward Nashton, best known as the Riddler. The film is expected in theaters on June 21, 2021.

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