The Batman: production of the film officially resumed

Over the last few hours Warner Bros. Pictures confirmed to Variety the start of production of The Batman, the highly anticipated cinecomic dedicated to the Bat Man, whose shooting was blocked again earlier this month after Robert Pattinson had tested positive for Covid-19. A spokesperson for Warner Bros. Pictures said that after taking a break to comply with precautions and quarantine, filming for The Batman has officially resumed in the UK. The announcement shouldn't come as a total shock, especially after photos of the actor hanging out in London with his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse went viral on Twitter last Wednesday.

The Batman is the new title coming out for the DC Extended Universe, and will tell the story of the famous superhero with a decidedly more investigative approach than the previous ones and, as anticipated, it will be the title inspired by the dark Knight darkest ever. The film will focus on Bruce Wayne's early formative years as protector of Gotham City in which he will be forced to solve a series of gruesome serial murders. In addition to Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne / Batman, the film will star Zoe Kravitz in those of Selina Kyle / Catwoman, Andy Serkis in those of Alfred, Colin Farrell in the role of The Penguin, Jeffrey Wright, in the role of James Gordon, John Turturro, in the role of Carmine Falcone, Peter Sarsgaard, in the role of Gotham District Attorney Gil Colson, Jayme Lawson, in the role of candidate for mayor Bella Reál e Paul Dano in those of the Riddler. We just have to wait for more information on the production of the title, which should arrive in cinemas in the course of 2021.

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The Batman will be the darkest Dark Knight movie ever ❯
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