The Batman: new photos from the set with Robert Pattinson and companions

The new film starring the bat man, played by the actor Robert Pattinson, will soon arrive in theaters around the world although there is still a lot of the launch window scheduled for today March 2022. The film, as we well know, has suffered delays due to the Coronavirus epidemic which has really put the world of cinema and entertainment in great difficulty, which unfortunately still falters in recovering. However, works on The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, proceed without other particular hitches. Just today, near Liverpool, several photos were taken of the leading actors, extras and the iconic Crime Alley, the place where Bruce Wayne's parents were killed.

Among the many actors that we can see below in the photos we find Zoe Kravitz, for the first time on the set of The Batman as Selina Kyle / Catwoman. We see the presence of John Turturro, interpreter of Carmine Falcone. Could not miss the protagonist of the film Robert Pattinson, also like all the others in dark clothes because of the funeral in progress, in the company of his Corvette Stingray '63, a car that will be used as the main vehicle of the film.

Within The Batman film we also find Paul Dano (Riddler); Jeffrey Wright (Jim Gordon); Andy Serkis (Alfred Pennyworth) and Colin Farrell (Penguin). We remind you of the release of the film scheduled for March 2022. After the work resumed on the film just a month ago, the leading actor Robert Pattinson had become ill during the set. Promptly looked after by the medical guards, the Hollywood star then found the positivity to Covid-19, a situation that caused the entire crew to stop and the work to continue. In the meantime, however, the director has decided to continue filming the scenes that did not include the presence of Pattinson or of all the people who had had contacts, or otherwise tested negative, to the Coronavirus swab.

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The Batman: Paul Dano will play the role of the Riddler ❯
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