The Batman: Filming has already begun… but without Pattinson

The crisis triggered by the Covid-19 it seems a problem now almost completely solved. Despite this, the film industries have not yet managed to fully breathe a sigh of relief. The productions interrupted in the spring have finally restarted, and on the various sets it seems that the safety regulations imposed all over the world are more than respected. Unfortunately, the actors don't spend their whole day on set, and have to deal with the outside world. One of the glaring examples of the last few days is precisely the case Robert Pattinson, protagonist of The Batman.

After arriving on set, the actor told the nurse that he felt the temperature high. After the measurement, the director advised the boy to go home and swab for virus detection. Due to the outcome positive, production was immediately stopped and all people who came into contact with Pattinson had to swab. A huge problem for Reeves and all the staff who, with a delay of two weeks, would have come to lose more than 6.5 million dollars. That's why the director decided to immediately resume shooting, shooting as many scenes as possible in which the protagonist is not present.

The Batman is the new title coming out for the DC Extended Universe. According to what was anticipated, it will be the title inspired by the dark Knight darkest ever. As for the plot, we don't know what to expect, but give it to images shown during the DC FanDome we can say that it will certainly not be a disappointing title.

According to staff members, Robert Pattinson is already in the healing period and hopefully, in two weeks he should be back on set again. We just have to wait to find out what the fate of the film will be. In the meantime, we refer you to our pages that we will not fail to constantly update.

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The Batman: Matt Reeves is ready to resume work ❯
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