The Batman: Bane will not be played by Dave Bautista

The Batman is the new series HBO set in Batman's Gotham, produced by Warner Bros DC. The series will once again delve into the story of Bruce Wayne and will see many villains present to make everything more exciting, starting from the homonymous film produced this year whose interpreter of the bat-hero is Robert Pattinson. Among the antagonists, at least for the moment, there will be no Bane (the villain of the third chapter of the film trilogy of Cristopher Nolan). Or at least, if it is present, it will not be interpreted by Dave Bautista, contrary to how people were thinking lately. The wrestler had in fact been catapulted into the Warner Bros world also thanks to the director James Gunn.

The same Dave Bautista, however, has definitively expressed himself with a tweet in response to a fan who asked him, in fact, if he would play Bane soon in The Batman. The actor replied that it simply won't be like that, despite trying his best to get that part.

Unfortunately it's not. Tried my best🤷🏻‍♂️

- The Artist Formerly Known as Super Duper Dave (@DaveBautista) July 31, 2020

Dave Bautista is already much loved by fans of the cinecomics world for his role as Drax in the series Guardians of the Galaxy and all its crossovers belonging to the Marvel world and has already expressed interest several times in entering the competing world of DC, at first for the sequel or reboot of Suicide Squad, just from the aforementioned director James Gunn, then for the character of Bane in The Batman.

The Batman is one of the many films whose production has been stopped due to the global COVID-19 emergency. The release was originally scheduled for June 2021, but has already been postponed for four months, to October. It is not yet certain that production will be able to meet the deadlines, as filming has not yet been able to begin due to the extension of the emergency in the United States. Of course we will follow all the events and we will be ready to update you on any news.

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