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Do you find it hard to get up in the morning? You may benefit from activating the alarm with an alternative alarm for iPhone. Picture this: you just rolled over in a warm cozy bed, you can hear birds chirping and the sun is shining, it feels like a nice start to the day until you get a huge hole in your stomach.

You postponed your alarm and now you've missed the train to go to work. This day quickly went from idyllic to tragic. If you're sick of starting your day on the run every morning, try some of these alternative alarm clocks that will get you up and moving in the morning no matter how much you like to doze off.

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1. Alarms - Morning Alarm Clock

Alarmy is an incredibly varied alarm system that offers options for early risers and night owls. If you need an intense wake up call, Alarmy has very loud alarm noises and bizarre challenges that are sure to annoy you out of bed. Alternatively, if you are one who gets up easily, let the alarm wake you up in a calming and gentle way.

The free version includes some great awakening challenges like the shake mission, which requires you to turn off the alarm by vigorously shaking your phone, and the memory mission, which is a fun mind game.

The premium version offers additional challenges and features that will help you stay on the path to waking up on the right side of the bed every morning. Download: Alarmy (free, subscription available)

2. WakeMeHere

In some of the busiest and most demanding times of our life, it can be difficult to get enough sleep. Your only option for a nap may be on the train or bus between stops. WakeMeHere is an alarm based on the geographic location of your iPhone for just such an occasion.

In the app, set the desired alarm position. So, just make sure your GPS settings are enabled and have a good rest. As you approach your location, the alarm will sound and wake you up in time to gather your ideas and go.

It is important to note that this app requires access to GPS and therefore may not work in some cities' subway systems. Download: WakeMeHere (Free premium version available)

3. Ecowake

Doing your part to combat climate change is as easy as starting the day with Ecowake. Each day you successfully wake up on time translates into progress towards planting a tree. The free version of the app allows you to plant up to one tree per month while the subscription offers up to 10 trees.

This app provides an excellent alarm system to help you stay on track with your morning routine. Starting each day with a good deed is a great way to increase morning motivation and establish positive intentions for the day ahead.

Included is a virtual forest to take care of your trees and a community group to help you stay on track. Start the day with a breath of fresh air by planting a tree! Download: Ecowake (free, subscription available)

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4. Mathe Alarm Clock – Math Alarm

Mathe Alarm Clock was developed to help you wake your mind every morning. The app alarm will only go off after completing the given math equation.

This is the perfect option for anyone struggling with morning brain fog. The alarm rings loud as you desperately try to remember what you learned in your fifth grade math class.

With such a loud and annoying app, it will be next to impossible to miss out on morning meetings. Remember to disable silent mode for proper functionality. Download: Mathe Alarm Clock (Free premium version available)

5. Barcode Alarm Clock

Sometimes the hardest part of the morning routine is just getting out of your comfortable bed. To help you get up and keep going on even the coldest winter mornings, try using the barcode alarm clock. It is an app based on scanning the barcode of a product away from your bedside.

Start your day differently when your phone rings along with a barcode product request. You then need to get out of bed, find the product and scan the barcode using your phone's camera to silence the loud alarm.

By the time you're halfway home, you might as well keep walking to your first cup of coffee! Download: Barcode Alarm Clock (Free premium version available)

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6. Kiwake: smart alarm clock

Kiwake focuses on a three-step method that focuses on awakening the brain, body and daily motivation. He offers challenges that vary every day and include fun and creative games, photo activities, and daily goal reminders.

The Kiwake method should lead to a more relaxed and meaningful awakening. Kiwake focuses on the routine to help you get up and out of bed over and over again. The more often you complete the three-step Kiwake method, the easier it becomes.

The cool-down timer works as an alternative option to the classic snooze button. There is no snooze option, however, the app will give you a three-minute cool-down to relax and stretch out in bed before you really start your day. Download: Kiwake (free, subscription available)

7. Alarm Clock for Me – Wake Up!

Wake up for me is an app that shakes you as it wakes you up. The best alternative feature of this iPhone alarm clock app is the shake alarm.

Basically you are safe to get out of bed because turning off this alarm means shaking your iPhone vigorously while a loud, obnoxious noise rings next to you. This may sound intense, but heavy sleepers know how difficult it can be for a basic alarm to get you out of bed.

With an alarm clock that physically charges you right after waking up, turning around and falling back asleep becomes much more difficult, meaning you'll likely have a more effective awakening. Download: Alarm Clock for Me - Wake Up! (free premium version available)

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Out of bed and out the door

Losing your morning routine can completely disrupt the rest of the day. The alarms available in the Clock app aren't useless, but for stubborn sleepers, they're not always able to get the job done. Alternative alarms like the options above provide you with new and exciting strategies to catch up on your mornings and get to work on time.

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