Tetsuya Nomura suggests a third storyline for Kingdom Hearts

Just a few days ago the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 Re: Mind was released, additional content that should enrich the title, especially in the entire final phase of the game. On the occasion of the fourth year of the life of Kingdom Hearts Union X, a mobile title that acts as a prequel to the entire Kingdom Hearts saga, Tetsuya Nomura, game director, let himself go to other information, also regarding a further narrative cycle for Kingdom Hearts, in the future:

“Regarding the Kingdom Hearts situation, I have finished the Re: Mind story, as well as the two story quests for Union X. What remains is to finish the remaining two story quests. However, I got another mysterious request… Let's just say that this request includes an unannounced third story line for Kingdom Hearts. Once the mysterious request is completed, I will finish the two remaining story quests. And when all this is completed, the three story lines ... "

Without going into hateful spoilers, we know how the ending of the third chapter is as fascinating as it is cryptic. All that remains is to wait for more information.

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