Tesla is hiring a new video game development team

One of the people who in recent years has managed to attract the attention of the whole world with his brilliant - and very often bizarre - ideas is certainly the volcanic Elon Musk, a South African entrepreneur who rose to prominence thanks to the investments made and the successes achieved with his two main companies: Space X e Tesla. The latter is an automobile company that produces and markets one hundred percent electric cars, equipped with every option and cutting-edge solutions for entertainment and driving such as, for example, theAutopilot. With regard to entertainment, Tesla cars (such as the Model 3) differ deeply from those produced by other brands also thanks to the presence of the innovative system Tesla Arcade. Thanks to this mode it is possible to use the steering of the car as joypad to use i games offered by the company, among which it is possible to include important titles such as Fallout Shelter o Cuphead.

According to what emerges from the section relating to job offers, present on the official website of the company, Tesla would be looking for specialized engineers in the development of Games, in rendering and in software, in order to form a development team to create a new gaming platform. Below is the translation of a part of the announcement:

In this incredibly rare opportunity to help build a video game platform, we're looking for a highly motivated software engineer to help us make the best in-car gaming content available. Come and capitalize on this industry experience and help us build this platform.

The American company has not released further information regarding the future goals it would like to pursue so, considering the creative verve of Elon Musk, we can really expect everything. In the company's plans, in addition to revolutionizing sustainable mobility, must we believe that there will also be the one to change the way we use video games in the near future?

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