TES V Skyrim and DOOM were played on a pregnancy test

In recent days, perhaps thanks to the official announcement of the new line of video cards NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 Series, many technology enthusiasts have given free rein to their creativity by bringing some titles to definitely definable levels "bizarre" through mods, tests, and much more. As if that were not enough, a famous user on the social network Twitter, Such Foonetech savvy and definitely full of ideas, he decided to make something never seen before. Using the titles of Bethesda e id Software, respectively The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim e DOOM, he was able to play such titles on a very small and very peculiar screen.

In fact, we are talking about a digital pregnancy test. To succeed in this small, but decidedly large undertaking, Foone first disassembled the test device and then soldered an OLED mini-screen to it to replace the one present. Once this first procedure was done, it was enough to connect the screen to a microcontroller specially programmed to receive a signal from an external source and then transmit it on this small screen soldered on the pregnancy test. The result, although really limited by the obvious potential that such a device is capable of giving, is truly incredible. Below the article you can see the two videos in question of DOOM and The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

Obviously we are not talking about a product capable of emulating a game, but an "alternative system" when you might find yourself with a broken monitor or TV. Just do as the user in question and the problem is solved. Foone finally stated that he believes he can further integrate a videogame input signal although he does not know exactly how. We really wish him to succeed and to amaze us again perhaps with a next generation console connected directly to the device.

and it can't yet run doom. That's going to be way tricky, even cheating and having a modern desktop computer connected to it… but I CAN play back a doom video on it, which is kinda close?
(Using a different dithering method here so that you can see anything: doom is dark)

- foone (@Foone) September 5, 2020

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