Tenet: over 150 million dollars worldwide

Now that cinemas are starting to work more or less normally in many parts of the world, we can start talking about numbers again. Of course, all the films that are released in this period certainly they are not having the same success they would have had if they had come out at a time of normality, but we can discuss that. Among the many it stands out Tenet, yet another masterpiece by Christopher Nolan recently released in theaters. The film is making a lot of talk about itself, and we have told you about it in ours review dedicated (devoid of spoilers of course).

To date, the film has been shown in more than 44 countries, counting about 41.000 screens in total. The greatest success was achieved in China, France, Germany, Russia and in UK, where it seems that cinemas are already working at full capacity. In a few days, it will also be released in Mexico and Japan, after we hope it will get the same result. We are talking about a proceeds of approx 58 million dollars a week, $ 152.3 million raised in total. Certainly not the dizzying numbers, but for the situation in which the whole world finds itself, they should be proud of the success achieved.

"Tenet tells the story of a CIA agent (John David Washington), which will have to face an unparalleled global problem. " A - perhaps - classic spy story, but containing many peculiarities to become special. A particular way of perceiving time and space will make this film totally unexpected. Certainly, with this publication, Warner Bros he can breathe a sigh of relief and calm down while waiting for the release of all the other postponed titles. Among the many we also remember Wonder Woman 1989, of which we were able to have a little taste during the DC Fandome. We just have to refer you to our pages that as usual we will not fail to continuously update and wish you a good cinematic viewing.

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