Tenet: announced the new release date of Nolan's film

Tenet has finally received a new release date: after the postponement until a later date arrived a few days ago, it had already been stated that a new date would be set shortly. For the uninitiated, the famous license plate work Christopher Nolan has been postponed due to the various complications related to the global emergency that the world is currently facing. The film was originally slated to hit theaters on July 17, and was subsequently postponed twice until August 12 for the same reasons.

The long-awaited film would therefore be coming next 26th August inside the halls and others 69 other countries: the news was made official directly by the official Facebook profile of Warner Bros. Toby Emmerich.. As for the United States, sadly it seems that Tenet arrives much later than us and the rest of the other countries, such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

On the movie plot We still know very little and nothing, however it is certain that it will all revolve around an international espionage agent who must prevent the occurrence of yet another world war, crossing themes such as time travel and the evolution of man.

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Tenet: here is the trailer shown in preview on Fortnite ❯
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