Tencent: Trump's ban will have no repercussions on Fortnite and LoL

According to what has emerged in the last few hours, the recent ban by the president of the United States <br><br>Donald Trump, towards Tencent it will have no impact on Fortnite, league of legends or other titles of the Chinese giant, therefore the fans of Riot Games, epic Games and similar franchises can "sleep soundly". The confirmation comes from a tweet by Sam Dean, a well-known reporter for the Los Angeles Times, who stressed that the restraining order will in no way affect Tencent's gaming companies. We report in detail what is reported:

Tencent-owned gaming companies will NOT be affected by this executive order!

The White House official confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that the EO only blocks WeChat-related transactions

So Riot Games (League of Legends), Epic Games (Fortnite) and other similar franchises are safe.

Finally, we remind you that the executive order recently signed by the president of the United States of America, <br><br>Donald Trump, with which he confirms the ban of TikTok e WeChat, it will be effective in 45 days. In this period Microsoft products will have the opportunity to complete the acquisition of the US branch of the well-known social network. Additionally, Trump's written statement stated that TikTok's data collection threatens to allow the Communist Party of China access to Americans' personal and proprietary information, potentially allowing China to trace the locations of federal employees and contractors, create personal information dossier for blackmail and corporate espionage.

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