Tencent hires, TiMi Studios develops a triple A with Unreal Engine 5

Tencent, a joint-stock investment company that in recent years has been swinging more and more into the market of the videogame world, does not seem to want to stop. After the opening of the gaming division with the software house TiMi Studios, author of numerous games especially in the mobile field such as The Legend of Dragon: Mobile, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Army Attack, The King of Fighters: Destiny, Contra: Return, Battle Through The Heavens, Saint Seiya: Awakening, Call of Duty: Mobile, Pokémon Unite, Honor of Kings and many others, it seems that the development house wants to expand even more. TiMi Studios of Tencent, in fact, is hiring staff for the creation of a new multiplatform video game, triple A, which will use the brand new graphics engine U. It would seem that the title will be a vast open world, designed for a global audience and that it will adapt perfectly to both mobile devices and home consoles and even PCs.

In recent years, the Tencent company has moved more and more resources into the videogame market, especially in the mobile one, creating various self-developed titles also of prestige and success, becoming one of the key and most important partners as a choice for the distribution of games. In this last period there are several productions of Chinese origin that are beginning to expand to an ever wider audience, also offering video games of considerable workmanship and prestige. Among these we mention one of the phenomena of recent months, namely Genshin impact (you can find our review at the following link). Even the unannounced but unveiled project we know by the name of Black Myth: Wukong, an upcoming action role-playing game from Chinese independent developer Game Science and based on the classic XNUMXth century Chinese novel Journey to the West.

TiMi Studios it is therefore growing, and the recruitment of new forces is an example. We just have to wait a little longer to find out, sooner or later, what new project is brewing in the Chinese company.

Tencent's TiMi studio, the developers of games such as Honor of Kings, Call of Duty: Mobile & Pokémon Unite are hiring for a AAA cross platform title using Unreal Engine 5.

The open world title for a global audience will be designed to scale across mobile, PC and console.

- Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) March 4, 2021

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