Tencent funds Yager Development, the study behind Spec Ops: The Line

Tencent, giant of the Chinese industry, continues its investment policy in the gaming field. After the financing a Platinum Games this time it was up to Yager Development of Berlin, a software house known to all for the creation of the title Spec Ops: The Line. The amount of money allocated has not been made official, however the large sum of money will allow the development studio to self-publish and continue work on the current F2P title called The Cycle, a competitive shooter currently distributed on the platform. epic Games. These are the words of Timo Ullmann, CEO of Yager:

“Tencent is more than just a gaming company, the best in the world plus, it is also a very prolific investor with a stellar track record. We are delighted with their contribution and confident that their contribution will bring significant benefits to our firm, not only by accessing their resources, but by taking full advantage of their vast know-how in the sector. Our firm now has the opportunity to use the invested capital to develop its business in a variety of ways. Furthermore, Tencent will always be able to provide us with the best strategies for our Berlin studio. In recent years, the software house has chosen the path of mainly developing F2P titles with the relative pros and cons, for this reason we were looking for an investor who shared our thoughts and our vision and who had the right credentials to make us make a further leap in quality. Tencent is everything we were looking for ”.

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