Tencent challenges Nintendo Switch, check the patent of its console (with Windows)

The technology patented today by Tencent very reminiscent of the famous branded hybrid device Nintendo, but at the moment it seems to be just a design. Much of the success of Nintendo Switch lies in the portability of the console and the convenience of being able to play anywhere. Without a doubt, Nintendo's triumph with the hybrid has not gone unnoticed by other companies and over time we have had the opportunity to see several ideas clearly inspired by it. For example, DELL recently presented his Alienware Concept UFO, its incredible gaming PC designed to be portable.

The list seems to have expanded in recent days and, as reported by the expert analyst of the Asian market Daniel Ahmad, Tencent has obtained the patent for the design of a portable console particularly similar to the Nintendo Switch, which is equipped with the well-known Windows buttons and focuses more precisely on PC games. The patent was originally filed in October 2020, and Ahmad notes that this console could work with Windows 10 and running PC games: although this is a very fascinating idea, we are sorry to say that for now it is forced to remain so. We will see in the future if this hardware will become real and be launched on the market, although Ahmad himself sees it difficult for this to happen, as he believes that these devices are not all that profitable. However, it remains nice as a project and nothing is to be excluded regardless!

It is also good to remember that Tencent regularly distributes Nintendo Switch within the boundaries of China and has an agreement with Nintendo, so it should already chew something on the sector in question. The console was hugely successful in the Asian country, surpassing the million units sold in one year. In this regard, in the last few hours Bloomberg he would have anticipated the release of the new one Nintendo Switch Pro and support for 4K.

Tencent obtained a patent for a "PC Video Game Console" today, which was originally submitted in October 2020.

The images show that the console adopts a similar design to the Nintendo Switch, but has Windows 10 related buttons and would likely run Windows / PC games.

- Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) March 19, 2021

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