Telltale Games: Leaked a slew of rumors about some of the company's games

Today a Reddit user has worked hard to disclose a slew of interesting rumors, regarding some of the famous works by Telltale Games. The post starts talking about Tales From the Borderlands Redux which, according to what was communicated to us, would see an announcement "very soon" and will land on the market of PC, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One with a cost of 30 dollars. In addition to this, it would also be available in the form of DLC at a price of 5 dollars for those who already own the game and as regards the contents, Tales Frome the Borderlands Redux should present a brand new chapter dedicated to theepilogue of the plot. In the background we see instead a series of further leaks concerning the fifth season of the game The Walking Dead, which should adopt the subtitle "A Fatal Frontier". Unlike what we have been used to until now, we will not enjoy an episodic experience and the narrative choices should not be particularly influential for the plot: the title could in fact take a slightly different turn and, as highlighted in the message, the 'work would have taken inspiration from titles of the caliber of resident evil e The Evil Within 2 in terms of game modes. The reveal would be in the pipeline at PC Game Show and could be heralded as an Epic exclusive.

Finally the user added a detail on The Wolf Among Us 2, in which it is specified that a demo of the latter should be presented to Game Summer Fest di Geoff keighley. Pending a possible response from Telltale Games, we would like to clarify that we are dealing with news not confirmed by the US company and coming from sources of uncertain reliability, so we invite you to take them as such.

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Temtem: gameplay shown at State of Play, the game will arrive on PS5 ❯
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