Tell Me Why: that's when the other chapters will be available

In the past few hours, on the occasion of theXbox Games Showcase, the house of Redmond has shown several interesting titles, including the latest work of the creators of the beloved saga of Life is Strange and Vampyr, Tell Me Why, a narrative adventure that tells the story of two brothers who must put together their conflicting memories of their past. The full-bodied trailer, which you can easily retrieve by consulting the following link, in addition to showing some unreleased scenes from the game, has revealed that the first chapter will debut exclusively on Xbox One and PC on August 27, 2020.

But that's not all, given that the French software house has also revealed (via a tweet on the game's official account, which you can find at the bottom of the article) the release date of the other two "episodes", respectively set for 3 and the 10 September 2020, confirming the will of Dontnod Entertainment to want to reduce the release times of their titles, after the widespread criticism on Life is Strange 2. We remind you that Tell Me Why will be available from next August 27th, 2020 exclusively on Xbox One e PC (included inXbox Game Pass), and soon also on Xbox Series X.

The only way forward is to keep looking back.

✨Chapter 1: August 27th
✨Chapter 2: September 3
✨Chapter 3: September 10

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Tell Me Why: Dontnod's next title shows up in three new videos ❯
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