Tell Me Why: Dontnod's next title shows up in three new videos

In the last few hours Microsoft products has released three videos of Tell Me Why, the highly anticipated new title developed by Dontnod, former creators of Life is Strange e Vampyr, which will arrive exclusively for PC e Xbox One starting from the next 27 September 2020. Officially shown at the event Xbox Inside byX019 by Microsoft, Tell Me Why immediately captured the attention of a large number of players, also due to the very particular setting of the title. Tell Me Why will feature twins, Alyson e Tyler Ronan, who will meet for the first time ten years after their mother's death. Upon returning to their childhood home in rural Southeast Alaska, the Ronans will uncover the secrets of their past using their supernatural bond.

The first video released shares insights into the game world of the title, which will be set in the rural areas of southeastern Alaska, and the steps taken by the team to create the city of Delos Crossing. As the region of the world where the game takes place hosts many within it indigenous communities, it was crucial for the team to also include the perspectives of Alaska natives at every stage of development, including Amelia Wilson, executive director of Huna Heritage Foundation.

The second video focuses on the meaning of characters like Tyler, the first transgender protagonist of an important studio and publisher, e Michael, a man of the Tlingit community. Meaningful representations of trans and indigenous characters are often very difficult to find in the mainstream media, and these voices are rarely included in the process of creating the characters intended to reflect them. In fact, in this video, there are some of the many people who contributed to giving life to Tyler and Michael's travels, including August Black, Tyler's voice actor. Finally, the third video shows some new ones gameplay sequences and talks about the particular mechanics introduced within the game.

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