Tell Me Why: Dontnod aims for a transgender story without stereotypes

Dontnod Entertainment, developer of the successful series Life Is Strange, stated that in his new game, Tell Me Why, will avoid telling a transgender story "rooted in pain and trauma". Set in the fictional city of Of the Crossing, in Alaska, Tell Me Why is a thriller which tells the epic of Tyler e Alyson, two twins who work together to uncover their difficult past. After the announcement of its release date at the event Xbox GAMES , the studio has added an FAQ section to the game's website. The software house tries to answer the most common questions related to his new work, specifying the answers may contain spoilers. Through the questions and answers present, the company stated:

Because so many traditional narratives about trans people are rooted in pain and trauma, it was important for our team to tell a different and multidimensional story with Tyler.

The team also pointed out that Tyler's transition it was not the result of childhood trauma, adding that:

The idea that being transgender causes trauma is a stereotype that actually has no basis and plays no role in Tyler's story.

By extension, the game won't describe any trans-phobia against Tyler, beyond some offensive comments from characters in the first chapter. From the second chapter onwards, it therefore appears that all interactions will be respectful. No more reference will be made to the protagonist's first name or his surname. Dontnod worked closely with Microsoft products and the non-profit activism organization LGBT, GLAAD, to bring Tyler's personality to life.

Tell Me Why will be an episodic adventure series, just like Life Is Strange. The title will arrive on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC and the first episode will be released on August 27th, 2020.

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