Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Unlockable extra character guide

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Unlockable extra character guide


As is often the case with this type of games, even with the arrival of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 There has been a lot of confusion about the available characters and the extra characters. Let's clarify and see what the bonus characters to unlock.

In Tekken Tag Tournament 2 we immediately have 49 playable characters, but from the various menus you can identify the space for at least 10 other extra characters. There are currently no console-related exclusive characters that the game comes out on.

Let's start by saying that 4 additional characters they can be unlocked thanks to the code reserved for those who pre-ordered the game. These are Michelle Chang, Angel, Kunimitsu e Ancient Ogre. You can see them in the video below, along with the other 49 characters included in the game:


And who hasn't pre-ordered the game ???

Do not worry, because our beloved Katsuiro Harada (producer of the Tekken series) has repeatedly stated that the DLC containing characters would be absolutely free. So, in all likelihood, it will be enough to wait a bit of time (just enough to make some sense of the bonus linked to the pre-order) and these 4 characters will be released in the form of free DLC, as long as Harada does not prove to be a formidable bin .

It is not over here, in addition to these there are other 6 characters:

Doctor B.
Miharu Hirano
Slim Bob

of them at the moment we only know that they are already included in the game disc and that, as stated above, they should be released via free downloadable content, in ways and times unknown at the moment.


How to unlock Combot

If we want, the only real character to unlock in the game is Combot, the fighter we use in the Fight Lab mode to learn the various techniques. To unlock Combot and make it playable you simply need to complete this training mode. Once you have unlocked it, you can use Combot in offline and unranked online games.


The guide will be updated with the next developments, if you have any additional info the comments below are at your disposal.

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