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    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Trophy List [PS3]

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    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Trophy List [PS3]



    Here is the list of Tekken Tag Tournament 3 Playstation 2 Trophies

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum




    Heart of fearless steel
    Won a ranked match in online mode.
    Reckless heart of steel
    You have won a player match in online mode.
    Heart of indomitable steel
    You fought 3 times in online mode.
    Tekken black belt
    Reached 1st Dan rank in online mode.
    Unity is strength
    Completed an Arcade Battle in offline mode with a partner.
    Lone wolf
    Completed an Offline Arcade Battle on your own.
    Warrior born
    Won 3 Team Battles in Offline Mode.
    Lightning-fast fists
    You completed the Time Trial Offline Mode within 20 minutes.
    Practice makes perfect
    You dealt a total of 1.000 damage in Offline Practice mode.
    You have customized a character.
    You edited the background music using DJ Mode.
    Combot, preparati!
    Completed Level 1 in Laboratory Mode.
    Combot, in action!
    Completed Level 2 in Laboratory Mode.
    Combot, attack!
    Completed Level 3 in Laboratory Mode.
    Combot, destroy!
    Completed Level 4 in Laboratory Mode.
    Perfect player
    You have achieved a victory without taking any damage.
    Secret weapon
    You used an item move.
    Ghost hunter
    You have defeated 30 ghosts.
    Escape artist
    You have successfully completed 10 grappling breakouts.
    A dish to be served cold
    You performed 3 "Reversals".
    Always on target
    You have performed 10 guided attacks.
    Below the belt
    Performed 3 low saves.
    Ukemi in profusion
    You have performed 3 Ukemi.
    Terror from above
    Performed 3 10-hit combos.
    Performed 10 block combos.
    Maestro combo DAY
    Performed 10 TAG combos.
    Master assaults TAG
    You have performed 10 TAG assaults.
    Master direct TAG assaults
    Performed 3 direct TAG assaults.
    Maestro took TAG
    You have made 10 TAG holds.
    True friendship
    You performed 3 TAG flares.
    Watch out for your feet!
    You destroyed a floor.
    You destroyed a wall.
    Eye down there!
    You destroyed a balcony.
    Flying heads danger
    You escaped Alisa's Spam Bomb move.
    Soaking but not giving up
    Your upper body got soaked in the Fallen Garden level.
    Disastrous appointment
    You threw a girl into the water on the Eternal Paradise level.
    Here comes the Vanquisher!
    You became Vanquisher in offline mode.
    Won 10 battles in a row in Survival offline mode.
    Unlocked 40 character end cinematics.
    Combot, return to base!
    Completed Level 5 in Laboratory Mode.
    Excellent player
    You won a battle just before being knocked out
    Filthy rich
    Collected more than 10.000.000 G in total.
    Lucky warrior
    Collected 3 Surprise Packs.
    You have dealt damage greater than 62 in a midair combo.
    Best friends
    Performed 3 buddy-specific TAG holds.
    His Excellency
    You performed an EXCELLENT combo.
    Fickle friendship
    You have replaced your partner 765 times.
    Largo al Tekken Lord!
    You became Tekken Lord in offline mode.
    Super Combot DX completed
    You have unlocked all content in Lab mode.
    Praise the living steel fist!
    You got it all.




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