Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Trophy and Achievement Guide [360-PS3]

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Trophy and Achievement Guide [360-PS3]


Here is the complete solution to unlock all Tekken Tag Tournament 2 achievements and trophies. In this guide, the tips from Resources4gaming.com to unlock all achievements and reach Platinum on Playstation 3 or 1000 G on Xbox 360.


- Praise the living steel fist!
You got it all.
Get all the other 49 results ... and congratulations !!

- Get off the Tekken Lord!
You became Tekken Lord in offline mode.
To get the result you will have to reach the title of Tekken Lord with a character in offline mode.
To get this title you will have to acquire enough points and you will have to face about 400+ battles.
I recommend choosing opponents who are higher in rank, in order to get as many points as possible and try never to be defeated.
Here are all the grades available:

- Beginner
―― 1 ° Kyu
―― 2 ° Kyu
―― 3 ° Kyu
―― 4 ° Kyu
―― 5 ° Kyu
―― 6 ° Kyu
―― 7 ° Kyu
―― 8 ° Kyu
―― 9 ° Kyu
- 1° Dan
- 2° Dan
- 3° Dan
- 4° Dan: Disciple
- 5° Dan: Mentor
- 6 ° Day: Master
- 7° Dan: Grand Master
- 8° Dan: Brawler
- 9° Dan: Marauder
- 10° Dan: Fighter
- 11° Dan: Berserker
- 12 ° Day: Warrior
- 13° Dan: Avenger
- 14 ° Day: Duelist
- 15° Dan: Pugilist
- 16th Dan: Vanquisher
- 17° Dan: Destroyer
- 18° Dan: Conqueror
- 19° Dan: Savior
-20° Dan: Genbu
―― 21 ° Dan: Byakko
―― 22 ° Dan: Seiryu
- 23° Dan: Suzaku
-24° Dan: Fujin
―― 25 ° Dan: Raijin
- 26° Dan: Yaksa
- 27° Dan: Majin
--28 ° Dan: Toshin
- 29° Dan: Emperor
- 30° Dan: Tekken Lord
- 31° Dan: Tekken Emperor
- 32° already 99° Dan: Tekken God
- 100° Dan: True Tekken God

- Unity is strength
Completed an Arcade Battle in offline mode with a partner.
For this achievement it is necessary to complete the arcade mode with a tag team.
After passing the 9th level the result will be yours.

- Lone wolf
Completed an Offline Arcade Battle on your own.
For this achievement it is necessary to complete the arcade mode by playing alone.
Complete all the levels and the result will unlock.

- Warrior born
Won 3 Team Battles in Offline Mode.
To unlock this achievement you will need to enter the team mode, Team Battle up to 8 players.
Just choose one person as a partner and 2 opponents.
Win three games and that's it. This result is easily achieved with a second pad.

- Lightning-fast fists
You completed the Time Trial Offline Mode within 20 minutes.
Simple enough.
To complete this mode, the 20 minutes available will be more than enough, as long as you have a little practice with the controls and the various skills of the characters.

- Survivor
Won 10 battles in a row in Survival offline mode.
For this achievement you have to win 10 battles in a row in Survival mode.
As soon as you unlock it, at 11th level you can be defeated or just keep playing until you lose.

- Practice makes perfect
You dealt a total of 1.000 damage in Offline Practice mode.
Simple. Play in the practice mode and download all the shots necessary for the realization on the mannequin ... if all the results were like this ...

- Artist
You have customized a character.
To customize a character, go to "Customize" from the main menu and choose a character.
After choosing it, buy something for it and equip it.
Now go back and you will be greeted by a blue box that will float above your character; this is to take a screenshot of your creature, take the photo select yes to save it and the result will be unlocked.

- Musician
You edited the background music using DJ Mode.
Enter the DJ mode and change the background music to ALL the stages inside it.
Quick and easy.

- Cinephile
Unlocked 40 character end cinematics.
To get the result you will need to unlock 40 final movies in the gallery.
To do this there are 2 more or less simple ways:
1) Complete the arcade mode with the various characters
2) Play in the ghost mode hoping that in the surprise packs there is the homage of the final movies.
It is advisable to collect as many videos as possible (36 or 37 are more than good) with method 2 and then play the arcade mode so complete the collection and reach 40, unlocking the result.

- Combot, preparati!
Completed Level 1 in Laboratory Mode.
Refer to the result "Combot, return to base!" for more help.

- Combot, in action!
Completed Level 2 in Laboratory Mode.
Refer to the result "Combot, return to base!" for more help.

- Combot, attack!
Completed Level 3 in Laboratory Mode.
Refer to the result "Combot, return to base!" for more help.

- Combot, destroy!
Completed Level 4 in Laboratory Mode.
Refer to the result "Combot, return to base!" for more help.

- Combot, go back to base!
Completed Level 5 in Laboratory Mode.
To achieve this you will have to complete level 5 of the Laboratory mode.
The Boss you will find here will be a real tough nut to crack, but nothing so impossible for expert fingers. The only advice is to make the most of your partner and TAG moves, make saves and deal powerful blows.

- Completed Super Combot DX
You have unlocked all content in Lab mode.
To achieve this, you will have to buy all the possible moves in the game.
It has been calculated that you will need at least 2.000.000 credits to fully purchase everything. To get this amount faster, I recommend replaying the fight with the 5th level boss, in order to get the required amount.

- PERFECT player
You have achieved a victory without taking any damage.
Taking a perfect one means winning a battle without taking a single damage.
Against the CPU this can be a problem even at the easy level, but if you use a second controller or play online with a friend who helps you, you will unlock it immediately without problems.

- EXCELLENT player
You won a battle just before being knocked out
To win in this way it is necessary that your health is below 5%, at this point you just have to beat the opponent.
Difficult, but not impossible; get help from a friend if necessary, but he may also come by himself and keep playing, so leave him for the end.

- Secret weapon
You used an item move.
While you are customizing your character, apply a weapon / item to him; once done you will see the keys to press in order to use it, do it in a battle and you will unlock the result.

- Ghost hunter
You have defeated 30 ghosts.
Contrary to what one might think, this result does not have to be done in ghost battle, as the game counts all CPUs as ghosts so just defeat 30 CPU opponents, no matter if they are in Arcade, Time Attack, Survival, or Ghost battle mode. .

- Filthy rich
Collected more than 10.000.000 G in total.
This number might appear quite high but it isn't, the best place to get cash is the 5th chapter stage in the fight lab anyway.
If you fight well enough you could get 200.000+ every time you pass the level.

- Lucky warrior
Collected 3 Surprise Packs.
The best way to accomplish this is to play ghost mode; in this mode the surprise packs will spill which is a pleasure, all you have to do is fight until you have received 3 surprise packs in total (the gold ones do not count).

- Escape artist
You have successfully completed 10 grappling breakouts.
To escape from a hold, you will have to press the right buttons as soon as your opponent starts putting his hands on you.
To easily get out of the grip you can use the combination of left fist + right fist to escape from the grips.
I just remember that, unlike many other achievements present, this achievement cannot be unlocked in practice mode, so if you have difficulty unlocking it you can always use a second controller.

- A dish to be served cold
You performed 3 "Reversals".
The reversal is nothing more than a simple counterattack.
So when an enemy lands a high-powered blow, use a reversal (if you did well you will see a hold that blocks the opponent's blow and hits him immediately after).
Repeat this procedure also in practice mode 3 times and that's it.

- Always on target
You have performed 10 guided attacks.
Guided attacks are special attacks that hit the opponent even if they are moving sideways.
You can recognize these attacks by the blue arrow icon placed next to the move name.
You will learn these special moves during the workshop, so you just have to repeat the shots in question 10 times and the result will be yours.

- Below the belt
Performed 3 low saves.
Simple. As soon as an enemy tries to hit you with a low blow you will have to make the relative low block, deflecting the incoming blow.
Repeat everything 3 times and you will unlock the result.

- Ukemi in profusion
You have performed 3 Ukemi.
To make a ukemi, simply press and hold Left or Right immediately after your opponent knocks you out.
Repeat three times and you will get the result.

- Juggler
You have dealt damage greater than 62 in a midair combo.
Quite simple result.
Go to any mode, and start hitting your enemy by throwing him into the air; at this point perform a combo and keep hitting it, if you do not unlock anything try again.

- Terror from above
Performed 3 10-hit combos.
10-hit combos are combos that generally consist of a sequence of keys that inflict 10 hits on the opponent.
The combos change according to each character, and for the purpose of the result it will be necessary to complete at least 3 to get it.
I recommend using Paul Phoenix, as the keystrokes to press will be reduced compared to other characters, so press the left fist, right fist, left kick, left fist and right fist in sequence and in time.
Repeat three times and that's it.

- Bounce
Performed 10 block combos.
You can recognize these shots by the green arrow icon located next to the move name.
You will make a good practice of it in the laboratory, so it is advisable to reload the chapter until you unlock the result.

- Maestro combo DAY
Performed 10 TAG combos.
To achieve this you will need to complete 10 TAG combos.
These shots will be taught to you in chapter 1 of the 5th level of the laboratory so it is advisable to reload the chapter until you unlock the result.

- Master assaults TAG
You have performed 10 TAG assaults.
A TAG assault is a pair attack with the partner after a rebound.
The best time to unlock this achievement is in the laboratory, in the final chapter, where you will fight the Combot.

- Master direct TAG assaults
Performed 3 direct TAG assaults.

- Maestro took TAG
You have made 10 TAG holds.
TAG holds are special holds that allow you to swap with your partner after having hammered () your opponent in flight.
Repeat everything 10 times and you will unlock the result.

- True friendship
You performed 3 TAG flares.

- Best friends
Performed 3 buddy-specific TAG holds.
Specific TAG sockets can only be made with certain pairs of characters.
Go to practice mode and choose for example Kazuya and Devil Jin, and correctly perform the key sequence to get the hold.
Repeat all 3 times to unlock the result.

- Your Excellency
You performed an EXCELLENT combo.
An excellent combo is a series of hits that when done correctly will show GREAT at the end of your hit sequence.
For this result it is advisable to use Forest Law and Paul Phoenix. Video for you

- Fickle friendship
You have replaced your partner 765 times.
Very simple result but definitely too long and boring.
Enter versus mode after setting the game setting with round time to infinite; at this point give yourself the change with the other character until you unlock the result.

- Watch your feet!
You destroyed a floor.
Simple. Go to a level like Hall of Judgment or Special Level 1, and with a bounce hit smash the floor to unlock the achievement.

- Mason
You destroyed a wall.
Simple, like the previous result.
Push an opponent into a destructible wall and hit him with a powerful blow to slam him in order to destroy the wall.
Here, too, you can use both Festive Paradise and Special Level 1 as a level.

- Watch out under there!
You destroyed a balcony.
Another easy result dedicated to environmental killing.
As with the wall, push an opponent into the balcony and hit him with a powerful blow to make him fall below where your partner will be waiting.
If you want you can easily use the special Level 1, taking the other results as well, otherwise you can play on Dusk after the Rain, Condor Canyon, Tempest or Winter Palace.

- Danger of flying heads
You escaped Alisa's Spam Bomb move.
Dedicating a trophy only to a move by a character suggests that this is almost impossible to perform, but in reality it is not, because escaping Alisa's Spam Bomb move is like escaping a simple catch from any other opponent.
Go into practice mode, taking Alisa as your opponent and as soon as she makes her move, avoid her and that's it. Video for you:

- Soaking but not giving up
Your upper body got soaked in the Fallen Garden level.
You will likely unlock this achievement automatically during Arcade Mode as the place to unlock it is the level of the final final fight.
But, if you still missed it, go to practice mode or versus the Fallen Garden level and have your opponent knock you down to wet your character's upper body.

- Disastrous appointment
You threw a girl into the water on the Eternal Paradise level.
Nothing easier.
In practice mode, select the Eternal Paradise level and then push your opponent towards the edge of the pool; at this point make a few shots near the girls sitting and sooner or later one of them will fall into the pool. She will be unhappy but you will have your result ()

- Heart of fearless steel
Won a ranked match in online mode.
To unlock the achievement, join an online ranked match and win the match to unlock it.

- Reckless heart of steel
You have won a player match in online mode.
To unlock the achievement, join an online player match and win the match to get this achievement.

- Heart of indomitable steel
You fought 3 times in online mode.
To unlock the result, participate in three online matches, do not worry about winning and the mode makes no difference, the important thing is that they are three matches.

- Black Tekken belt
Reached 1st Dan rank in online mode.
Play a few ranked games online until you reach first dan (for more help see the rank list in the "Make way for the Tekken Lord!" Result) as a character level. You will still earn points even if you lose a match, the important thing is to reach the required level.

- Here comes the Vanquisher
You became Vanquisher in offline mode.
To get the result, you will have to reach the title of Vanquisher with a character in offline mode.
To get this title you will need to acquire enough points and you will have to face about 140+ matches.
I recommend to choose higher able opponents, in order to get as many points as possible and try not to be defeated.
For more help refer to the list of grades.

Thanks for reading, I hope I have been helpful.

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