Taskmaster: we discover the origins of the villain while waiting for the stand-alone of "Black Widow"

Taskmaster is a comic book character owned by Marvel Comics. Created by David Michelinie e George Pérez makes its very first appearance in May 1980 in issue 159 of the magazine dedicated to the most powerful heroes in the world or "The Avengers". In that book Taskmaster faces the Avengers in full, immediately showing off his extraordinary skills and holding up to heroes of the caliber of Iron Man e Captain America. Known for being a skilled and ruthless mercenary, he is actually a sleeper agent of the SHIELD infiltrated the global criminal underworld.


Taskmaster (his real name remains a mystery to this day) was born in New York, more precisely in the bronx where he lives with his mother. Once in college he became the best quarterback ever on his high school football team, but once he graduated instead of pursuing a sports career, he joins the SHIELD becoming one of the best agents thanks above all to his physical skills. A few years later he falls in love with his colleague Mercedes Merced who will become his wife. Years later, during a mission, he comes into contact with the last existing dose of the super soldier's serum and after the mission he decides to inject it.

The serum allows him to develop "photographic reflections"And this allows him to perfectly replicate the fighting styles of heroes such as Captain America, Black Panther, Devil and Elektra, and he also manages to make his own the extraordinary talent of Hawkeye as a marksman and the skill of the use of the sword. by Silver Samurai. The serum, however, has a side effect that automatically erases his memories to make room for the images acquired during the fight, this leads him to a confusional state such as to forget his real name, the identity of his wife and not be able to remember. a something for more than a week. Nick Fury, convinced that all the greatest enemies of the SHIELD would make false papers to obtain his services, assigns him the task of infiltrating the criminal community around the world as a mercenary by being flanked, in this heavy assignment by Mercedes, who wants to remain beside him despite the memory problems prevent the mercenary from remembering their past together. During a mission in Mexico he creates his costume and his mask taking inspiration from the Santa Muerte (Mexican deity of pre-Colombian origins), then becoming famous in the criminal environment with the name of Taskmaster.

Powers and abilities

Before taking on the super soldier serum, the mercenary was already in possession of extraordinary skills, such as physical strength, high agility and superior intelligence accompanied by surprising skills as a strategist. After taking the Taskmaster serum he becomes one of the most dangerous and lethal men in the world, as he develops "photographic reflections”Which allow him to copy anyone's moves and moves regardless of difficulty, even seeing them once. This gives him: the fighting skills of combat masters such as Devil, Electronics, Iron Fist e Shang Chi; Silver Samurai's swordsman skills and Marksman's skills Hawk eye e Frank Castle (Punisher). Due to his psychotic personality and unpredictable nature, Dead Pool, is the only Marvel "hero" capable of putting him in trouble. The two have met / clashed often over the years and have also collaborated in some missions.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Taskmaster will make its first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the villain of the film "Black Widow". As we already know, the film he sees as the protagonist Natasha Romanoff, will be released in 2020 and will be set in the past. In the cast in addition to the beautiful Scarlett Johansson, also appear David Harbour (Hellboy, Stranger Things) is Rachel Weisz (Youth - Youth, Constantine, The Mummy).

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