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The strange title halfway between a Middle Eastern religious invocation and an idiomatic expression of central-southern Italy actually hides a hybrid game characterized by an interesting mix of characteristics: let's find out with this one. Tankhalla review. Basically, this is an arena shooter with an overhead view, reminiscent of the setting of the twin-stick shooters even if it does not really fall into the category. The main feature is the fact that they are based on tanks, so they are not very fast vehicles but which can withstand a certain amount of hits, while unloading hail of assorted bullets on the opponents. In all this, our aim is to try to advance from level to level within a map, progressively unlocking various checkpoints placed at a certain distance from each other, which turns into a sort of endurance race. and destructive capabilities.

Tankhalla puts us driving a tank inside a small arena

Each level consists of a small one arena, on which various elements of scenery such as structures and buildings can be scattered, useful for providing a precarious shelter from the rain of enemy fire. Beyond the sporadic bosses, we always find ourselves outnumbered: within these arenas we must find a way to eliminate all opponents and thus obtain the end-of-level bonus and the opening of the door to the next area . After the very first stages, it becomes decidedly complicated, requiring great speed of execution, the ability to dodge enemy bullets and adaptation in the use of scenarios as temporary shields. The action is very simple and basic, but also for this reason it is irresistible thanks to the continuous progression, once you enter the mechanism: from this point of view it closely resembles the excellent Archero, even if Tankhalla is more limited from the point of view. view of the overall design and original solutions.

Continuous Blitzkrieg

Il gameplay is all about the control of the tank and its constant progression between the levels, enriched with a dynamic rogue-lite so we always have to start from the beginning of the map area in which we find ourselves at each elimination (except for the possibility of using, only once, in-game currencies or seeing advertising to restart immediately). However, the "lite" elements that lighten the roguelike refer to the persistent evolution that is obtained anyway, playing: in addition to the momentary bonuses that are obtained at the end of each arena, advancing between the levels of experience is obtained steady progress such as expansions of the tank's energy and active and passive bonuses, which remain even after each death on the battlefield, making repeated successive runs much easier. In addition, with the coins won in the game it is possible to buy better tanks and drones that can support us during the clashes.

The scenery elements in the Tankhalla arenas are to be strategically exploited as cover

Are present three game modes which partially differ as regards the objectives to be pursued, but on the battlefield the action is practically always the same: these are close clashes that are resolved in a matter of seconds, in which we must eliminate the opponents trying to stay alive . Driving the wagon is simple, but since it is not a very agile vehicle, it is necessary to precisely calculate the movements to dodge the bullets, while the blows to be inflicted are best measured. The primary focus it is automatically directed towards the nearest enemy, with a loading bar that signals when it is possible to fire in bursts, which triggers a certain cooldown in order to keep up the rate of fire. At the same time, thesecondary attack strategically: the latter is a more powerful blow that must be aimed through a pointer. By parabola, he is able to cross obstacles and strike from a distance, but he is clearly slower and needs to be calculated in time. A good combination and timing in using the two types of attack allows you to get away with even the worst moments, along with the numerous bonuses and progressive multipliers that can be unlocked from level to level.

In Tankhalla there are also sporadic bosses, which substantially modify the action

Finally, we come to the age-old and inevitable question of free-to-play. Tankhalla is a game that has no PvP and online elements in any of its three modes, which in itself already excludes the risk of pay to win. There micro-transactions there are and also abundant: the game contains three different types of in-game currency, two of which can be earned by playing while the third requires the expenditure of money. New tanks and various upgrades can be purchased simply with the rewards that come from the gameplay, although it takes a good amount of time to reach the required amounts. The most precious currency is the one that allows you to continue the game immediately from where we are at the time of the game over, or to obtain additional energy points that allow you to make new games (the bar recharges by passing time). Ultimately, it is a rather fair system that does not force in-app purchases, however, in this case, it requires you to accept the harsh reality of the roguelike and make forced breaks between game sessions.


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If you have enjoyed Archero and similar shooter derivations with roguelike elements, it is very likely that you will also get lost in Tankhalla, because although it is stylistically crude and less elaborate in level design, the My.com game leverages the same characteristics. The action is extremely basic and fast but requires a good skill in controlling the tank and in the alternating use of the types of fire, all made easily usable on mobile platforms by a good control system and a fast and fragmented pace of play. Constant progression always works well as an addictive element, although the repetition of levels and the simplicity of them can get boring quickly.


  • The shooter and rogue-lite mechanics work well
  • The elements of constant progression keep you tied to the game
  • Free-to-play without too many traps
  • The repetition of the levels is structural but can be boring, given their simplicity
  • Few variations even between the different areas
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