Tales of Xillia: Guide to Beat All Bosses [PS3]

Tales of Xillia: Guide to Beat All Bosses [PS3]


In this new guide dedicated to Tales of Xillia for Playstation 3 we see how to best face the battles against the main bosses of the game.

Thanks to the video solutions of the boss fights that we propose in the links below you can see what can be the best strategy to use to win each fight.

For other guides on this game, don't forget to consult the Tales of Xillia cheats and guides tab.


[Kijara Seafalls - Boss: Greater Demon]

[Sapstrath Deepwoods - Boss: Jiao]

[Bermia Gorge - Boss: Nameless Anomaly]

[Milla's Injury - Boss: Ivar]

[Felgana Mines - Boss: Hammerzamm]

[Lakutam Highroad - Boss: Brutaur]

[Kanbalar 2/2 - The King - Boss: Wingul & Preza]

[Wyverns! - Boss: Pterobronc - Reflection Time]

[Barnauer Highroad - Fennmonth 2nd visit - Boss: Agria]

[Orda Palace - Boss: Nachtigal]

[Boss: Gaius - Schism broken]

[Fezebel Marsh-Boss: Wingul, Presa & Jiao]

[Muzét - Kukhar Ice Caverns - Boss: Aquadragons]

[Subevents! #5 - Optional Boss: Fire Teagle]

[Boss: Gilland & Celsius - Milla's Will]

[Milla's Will 2nd Part - Boss: Alvin]

[Boss: Muzét - Boss: Ivar & Wyvern]

[Nia Khera Hollowmont - Boss: Presa & Agria]

[Milla's Comeback! - Boss: Maxwell]

[Helioborg Fortress - Boss: Volt]

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