Take Two Interactive at work: 93 games coming in the next 5 years

That Take Two Interactive is one of the largest publishers on the market is well known to all, with giants like Rockstar Games, 2K Sports, 2K Games and many other studies that combined continue to bill for billions each year the American company. Tuttavia, after the announcement in May 2020, Take Two Interactive has returned to reiterate in the past few hours that it is working on simultaneous creation in of well Giochi 93 and that these will come released In the next five years, even revealing some more specific details. The colossal set of investments ranges in fact in almost all kinds of the market videogame, passing from new IP to the creation of the great colossals that have made the company famous such as Grand Theft Auto e Bioshock.

Of the ninety-three titles discussed, the US giant said that well 63 they will be experiences Hardcore, 17 defined as Midcore and remaining designed for an audience of casual gamer. Furthermore, 47 are IP already known to the public, while the others 46 they are all new intellectual properties. It then appears that Take Two also want to expand the market a all possible platforms e forms of distribution available, seen that well 72 titles will be available on gaming devices classics like PC and Console, the remainder will be dedicated to mobile gaming with smartphones and tablets; it's still, 23 they will use the formula of free to play, while the others will normally be sold in the store.

Sadly, despite the genre-specific numbers, we hardly know any of the upcoming names yet and we can just speculate the arrival of more titles conscious. For example, it seems like an eternity since Grand Theft Auto 5 it made its debut on the market way back 2013, guaranteeing billions for Take-Two and Rockstar. Still, rumors of the arrival of GTA 6 they have been countless over all these years, with some insiders recently on Reddit have stated that the title will be set in Miami and debut of the game that may be in the 2023. Another title that has held sway over the past few years is certainly a sequel to the series BioShock, which with the first two chapters set in the submerged city Rapture and the third set in the steering wheel Columbia has bewitched millions of players and created in us the desire to see a new chapter as soon as possible. However, it seems that we shouldn't have to wait indefinitely as the project has already been announced officially in 2019.

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